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This tag should not be [legal]

I propose that we burninate the legal tag. There is no reason for SO to have it. Of the 457 questions tagged with it, 244 of them (53%) are closed of off-topic. I'm sure there are many more which ...
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How has the scope of Stack Overflow changed?

We have some locked posts on the site. The reason why these posts are locked is that they "are no longer on-topic but have historical significance". I guess "no longer on-topic" implies that they were ...
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Are "what's this problem called?" questions off-topic?

Every now and then I see questions that describe a programming problem, and the asker wants to know what the name of it is, kind of like using SO as a reverse Google. For example, what they are ...
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The [code-golf] tag blacklist notice uses the wrong name for the Code Golf site

code-golf is currently blacklisted meaning that when you try to add it to a question, you get a message saying The 'code-golf' tag is not allowed. Code Golf is off-topic on Stack Overflow. Check out ...
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Should we just delete old questions with lots of votes for being in wrong SE site?

If we have old content, which is older than the migration time limit has decent amount of up-votes and views for the age of the question has therefore clearly helped a lot of people is clearly off-...
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We shouldn't view [mvvm] as a model of a good tag (and should burninate it)

tl;dr the mvvm tag is either a meta-tag that's irrelevant to the questions it's attached to, or a subject that's off-topic on Stack Overflow. Either way, it should be burninated. MVVM refers to the ...
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Is it the Question or the Answer That Makes a Great Post?

How can I determine whether a 2D Point is within a Polygon? I see a lot of archives like these in the frequent section from years back with some of the most elaborate answers one could possibly ...
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Migrate all CodeGolf questions now?

I'm fairly new to the Stackexchange system, Area51 betas and the multitude of sites, but I incidentally stumbled upon something I think should be discussed: There are as of now 213 questions tagged ...
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Add a mechanism to migrate old questions in tags that are being burninated

Can there be a mechanism to migrate old, off-topic questions in tags that are "officially" being burninated? The scrum and agile tags, for example, have a number of popular (and often otherwise-...
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Can we hold competitons?

On Russian SO, we have special tag "Competition" for users to try out their skills to create some special program. For example, make less code, improve it, or solve a special problem. I tried to find ...
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