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Are questions about licenses off topic for Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I suppose I could just ask and eat the downvotes, but are questions about licenses on topic for stack overflow? if not, is there a different stack exchange to ask them under?
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Is question about licence or legal advice concerning programming off topic? [duplicate]

I answered today a question about law advices on a repository name and legal trademark for a repository on GitHub. That question wasn't very well accepted by SO community, at least by the first users ...
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Are questions about which is the license of a particular software on-topic? [duplicate]

I'd like to make a question about which is the corresponding license of a software who looks like open source software (its source code is accesible) but I cannot determine which exact license ...
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Flagging migration should include more options

I have encountered numerous questions in with the sprite-kit tag such as: ...
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Are questions about the motives of programming library developers on-topic?

This question about why libCurl is free has been closed 3 times and removed from the Hot Network Questions by a moderator. It seems to be opinion based: What is the incentive for curl to release ...
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This tag should not be [legal]

I propose that we burninate the legal tag. There is no reason for SO to have it. Of the 457 questions tagged with it, 244 of them (53%) are closed of off-topic. I'm sure there are many more which ...
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Should we add an off-topic close reason to specifically address legal requests?

Thanks to our benevolent SE overlords, 10k+ users now have access to a new question close statistics tool! Among other features, it provides a list of all the custom close reasons used to close ...
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Company biased closing of a unwanted question

I recently wanted to link an answer to a question I already answered before. But I couldn't find it. After an intensive search I found it, but I realized that is was closed and then deleted. Until now ...
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Some licensing questions specifically address practical programming problems. Are they still off-topic?

I had a question related to licensing closed/deleted by Community, but it has practical applicability to programming. The question cited a specific Microsoft library with specific applicability to a ...
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Why is my question about future web censorship closed as opinion-based?

I have asked a question about coming censorship. I, as a web-developer intend to be prepared to that, so I was asking whether it is true, if so, whether there will be a source of information besides ...
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Why aren't relevant tags removed if a subject is considered Off-Topic?

I was about to post a question that touched on the edges of Software Licensing after carefully looking at the long list of Stack Exchange communities and determining that Stack Overflow would have the ...
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If I can't determine whether a question is on- or off-topic, should I post it anyway?

As in this recent case discussed: Are questions asking for feature sets of specific software versions on topic? it seems to be the consensus that some areas of questions are depending on the answer ...
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Are Visual Studio Licensing questions on-topic or not?

I keep seeing this pop up over and over and I have to shake my head at VS being a constant culprit. Now, we've discussed Licensing before and determined it was off-topic: Questions about licensing ...
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Do we want a licensing off-topic reason? [duplicate]

The new 10k closing stats view has been released recently, and going over the top custom off-topic close reasons, I see an interesting trend Questions Closed Comment 37 I'm voting ...
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