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How to flag people asking for help to violate another site's Terms of Service? [duplicate]

On Stack Overflow, one user asks to help him violating Youtube's Terms of Service. This question should be closed. Based on which criteria can I flag it?
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Should an aggressive reply on a question asking to go against ToC's be punished? [duplicate]

I'm not sure if this is the best place for this but here goes. This question was recently asked on Stack Overflow (now deleted). The question was about how to download an IPA from an iPhone to a ...
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How to deal with answers promoting "hacked" link for premium ressources? [duplicate]

Let's consider this question: I need the Demo Content of E-commerce theme First, it's clearly off topic and should be closed then deleted (I am pretty sure the meta effect will make this faster). My ...
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How do I deal with a question with a user who intends on breaking TOS of a specific API? [duplicate]

I have come across this question where a user is asking for help in self-botting in Discord in the [] tag which is an API wrapper for the Discord API. Self-botting is explicitly against the ...
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Is it ok to ask questions about scraping data from commercial websites? [duplicate]

Can a user post a question about scraping data from a commercial website even if the specific website could be recognized from the sample html provided? Does it depend on the specific website's policy ...
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How to respond (comment/answer) to questions related to scraping of websites where scraping is against their ToS? [duplicate]

How to respond (comment / answer) to questions related to scrapping of websites where scraping is against their ToS? Recently I have come across a lot of questions relating to scraping of Facebook, ...
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Questions with the express purpose to attempt to subvert any form of security or IP protection should be handled a special way [duplicate]

I keep coming across questions like this: Now I doubt the question will get any attention, but I feel there ...
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Is it inappropriate to give advice about avoiding bot detection? [duplicate]

I have recently come across several posts that seek help to avoid bot detection when running scripts on some website. I am avoiding posting examples here so as not to draw attention/meta effect to ...
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Official SO policy on answering questions related to Web scraping [duplicate]

I would like to know what is the SO policy on answering questions related to the web scraping (crawling and similar procedure). As an SO user, I am always ready to answer questions relating to web ...
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Can I flag a question which solely involves code that's used to break the ToS of another service? [duplicate]

I found a question in the discord.js tag trying to ask for help with code creating self-bots, which is against the Discord ToS. Automating normal user accounts (generally called "self-bots")...
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