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Is there a less restrictive Stack Exchange site specially suited for not too specific questions? [duplicate]

I understand the pollution caused by too broad questions in a site trying to solve immediate and practical programming problems. However, I also must admit that these kind of questions (and respective ...
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Can I ask about a programming trend or culture on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have a question I'd like to air: Will the Python culture of 'find a library for it' kill the art of coding? I don't want to put it up on Stack Overflow if it's not right for the site. Is it a bad ...
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how can I ask peoples' opinion on something? [duplicate]

I've gotten several downvotes and questions put on hold for asking questions that were deemed to be overly opion-based. The thing is, I think opinions are incredibly valuable. Especially in terms of ...
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Can we open up Stack Overflow to accept questions which are opinion-based? This induces a constructive answer of pros & cons & industry best practices [duplicate]

Closing good questions which have useful answers and apply to many developers for being "opinion-based" or "too broad" is one of the huge problems I have with Stack Overflow in ...
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It is dishonest and counterproductive to consider best practices questions as invalid "opinion based" questions [duplicate]

Let me start with a simple but likely controversial statement: all answers (and therefore all questions) are necessarily opinion based answers, and any attempts to draw a distinction between "...
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Why don't we have a brainstorming/discussion site? [duplicate]

Can we have a learning/brainstorming/discussions (basic newbie questions) site? Just a suggestion, please do consider. Usually most questions asked by new members have very limited scope for research,...
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Add recommendation engine features to Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Over the years I've seen many questions asking for recommendations and while virtually all of them ended up being closed as off-topic/Stack Overflow not being a recommendation engine - I also ...
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What's the best stack exchange site to ask about web development career questions? [duplicate]

The particular question in mind is "Is it common for people hiring for JavaScript programmers to mistakenly say Java", with a few specific examples of where I think the mistake has been made. I often ...
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Why are opinion-based questions banned? [duplicate]

Can anyone on this site guarantee that their answer is 100% correct? If not, then why are “opinion-based” questions banned from this site? What if people are looking for a suggestion or recommendation ...
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A different way to treat thoughtful 'Opinion based' questions [duplicate]

I've been on Stack Overflow for a bit, and getting questions closed is still very painful to me. 'Primarily opinion based' especially rubs me the wrong way, because the most interesting questions ...
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Why doesn't SE implement poll functionality? [duplicate]

I think there should be a poll function for questions here. I don't actually get the argument behind "recommending software is A Terrible Thing, And We Don't Do That". Here's an example. And ...
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Is there a way to stop wasting subjective but good questions? [duplicate]

I'm well aware that the point of this site is supposed to be answering questions, and not "debate" or opinion. While I agree that debate is best in a chat or forum context (I also wish we had a true ...
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Understanding the rule against “primarily opinion based” questions [duplicate]

Background: I have used the Stack Overflow (SO) site many times in the past, usually being directed there by search engines when looking for an answer. Some of the best answers I have found were in ...
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New tag "merge request" to be used website wide

I was scouring the meta SO and I found these gems: Why opinion-based questions cannot be answered or implemented here? a. Is there a less restrictive Stack Exchange site specially suited for not ...
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Dealing with a question that reads opinion-based, but could be of use to others

I stumbled across this question not that long ago (really not that long ago). It seems like it's an interesting and novel approach to something that someone in Java may want to deal with at some ...
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