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The Ask Question Wizard Is Now In Testing!

A long overdue update to our last prototype announcement, our developers are pleased to announce that they've finished the review process and responsive design updates to the Wizard and it is now in ...
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Can the tag tips be in a non-critical color?

When Shog implemented this for the sql tag, there was some confusion for the people asking questions. Normally, this color of popup is related with critical messages that won't allow you to post a ...
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Should we pipe [MangoDB] to /dev/null?

I propose we burninate the mangodb tag. Users have been confusing it for the mongodb tag, as it's only one letter different. There are now 33 questions remaining on the tag after I went through and re-...
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Did Kermit get his box of paperclips?

3.5 years ago it was suggested to show a popup for certain tags that would help inexperienced users understand how to best form their question for said tag: Help the helpless with how-to-ask tag tips ...
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Proper to downvote a user who posts the same answer later on? [duplicate]

I ran into a user today who answered a question I did the next day with the exact same answer, formatting and everything (minus my description). This made me think that, with him being a new user, he ...
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Visual distinction of deprecated/discouraged tags?

Can we make do-not-use tags visually distinct in some way? I almost used one just now, because I typed in the tags quickly, so I started typing the next tag before the autocomplete had showed up for ...
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Can we stop suggesting both Sql-Server and MySql in the suggested tags?

So I was posting a question today that was obviously enough about SQL. At the bottom I saw the little "Suggested Tags" widget trying to be helpful, recommending Sql-Server and MySQL. And then it hit ...
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Why should I "tag my RDBMS"?

I have a question about a SQL query, so I put a sql tag on it. In the comments, people are telling me to "tag my RDBMS". Why should I do that since I already tagged the programming language? (...
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Warn [r] users from adding [dataframes] tag instead of [data.frame] tag [duplicate]

data.frame is "One of the most basic data structures in the R language" (cited from the tags wiki), while dataframes is something entirely different. Problem is, that users (especially new ones) don'...
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We don't offer [customer-support] on this website

There is actually a customer-support tag. It currently has no tag Wiki. As the FAQ states, we're not customer support for (your favorite company). That being said, can we burninate this tag?
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Can we get a warning when a user tags multiple DBMSs?

I know that when a user tags a database question with SQL, we see the following message: It does mention that it gets better answers if they include "one specific database engine". However, if I don'...
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Persistent trouble: [messaging] [messages] with these tags sends the wrong [message]

The tags message (2606 questions) and messages (926 questions) have been subject to multiple discussions. A merge request has been posted on Meta SE in 2012, and the only comment on it suggests it ...
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Is the "sql" tag banned?

When I want to suggest new synonym for sql I receive following error: Failed to propose synonym The tag sql is banned This is how it looks: What does it mean? sql already has several synonyms. Why ...
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Tags in need of constant attention

How do we cope with tags which continuously attract off-topic content? An example is the grub tag which was picked up in this related question: Off-topic boot loader/firmware questions not being ...
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When a user is asking a question with a certain tag, add the ability to prompt them with guidance

This request stems from my observations of questions submitted with the selenium tag. One of the most common type of question is "how do I locate the following element". In order to help answer this ...
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Should SO force tagging the database engine for SQL questions?

Reading this Meta post, I can see SO added a tooltip to encourege users opening a SQL tagged question to add more relevant SQL driver (engine) tags. But in reality it seems this tooltip doesn't ...
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Is there a way to clarify a commonly misused tag?

I'm around the visual-studio tag a lot and I feel that around half the questions tagged with it are done wrongly so. Common cases: Used because the code is written in visual-studio (The tag excerpt ...
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What is wrong with the Oracle tag?

I got the following error: The error message requires me to use the oracle tag although I have used it already.
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Should the [radius] tag be redefined, removed or renamed?

The radius tag refers to two different things: RADIUS is Remote Authentication Dial In User Service, a protocol that allows for different management types. It is also a line segment from the center ...
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How to improve question quality of new Stack Overflow users

TL;DR: The low quality of questions has been linked to decreased activity of users who have > 25k reputation. Improving question quality would benefit both ends. What would be the best ways to ...
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Confusion between [appscript] and [google-apps-script]

Issue: The appscript tag is meant to be used for Apple Scripts, but due to confustion on the part of users, most questions under this tag are in fact Google Apps Script questions. More Information: As ...
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How to convince php users to post testable data?

A whole load of php questions is about array manipulations. These questions normally include more or less convoluted examples of inputs and outputs. While other languages' users usually provide raw ...
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Split the [regex] tag?

I've seen a lot of questions tagged with regex and no additional tags. These questions are often impossible to answer because regular expressions are so dependent on their engine's capabilities. ...
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Can we add tag-specific info to the question page? [duplicate]

I'm sure other tags have similar problems, but to provide a specific example: In C# we get a lot of GUI questions. The problem is, there are 3 main GUI technologies that all have similar controls (...
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Will tag-tips be used in the next Ask Question page?

Will tag-tips or tag-warnings be available in the next iteration of the Ask Question page? They aren't mentioned in staging-ground questions. For people who are unfamiliar with tag-tips or tag-...
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Your tags cannot be submmited: [sql]

I've used to get this same red error box when editing a question containing sql: And it was a bug (imo) because it wasn't checking that the question already has, say sql-server, so the requirement to ...
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Adding an 'You tagged this as SQL maybe you should also tag as specific DBMS' hint when posting questions [duplicate]

The problem: Quite often questions tagged as SQL are missing tags for the specific DBMS used and would benefit from it. This leads to the first comment being something along What is your RDBMS: ...
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Manage/disambiguate [sql] tag [duplicate]

I've seen a lot of question with only the [sql] tag, or with other tag but no one to define the specific database. I understand that it's not possible to burninate it, but will it be possible to add ...
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What tags are already supported by how-to-ask tag tips?

Based from Help the helpless with how-to-ask tag tips, the feature is already implemented and it's shown that sql will trigger it. On the other hand, other popular tags like java, regex haven't been ...
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How can we stop users from using the wrong tag?

I'm subscribed to the jq tag in StackOverflow by RSS. For those who've never heard of jq before, it's a command-line tool and programming language for processing JSON data streams. It's a very terse ...
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What is in the list of Specific Database Engines

I posted a question that I tagged SQL and Pervasive-PSQL I got a pop-up saying: SQL questions get better answers if they... Include a tag for one specific database engine (MySQL, Oracle, etc...) Show ...
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Tags that generally need specific implementations

I've seen a continuing issue where new users come and ask SQL questions tagged with only the [sql] tag. The issue is that almost every single time they are implementing product specific code or at ...
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Blacklist [batch]?

Being active in the batch-file area, it often happens that questions tagged with something like "spring java batch-file" appears and actually refers to spring-batch. I assume that the users tagged the ...
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Create a warning for UI questions without a corresponding framework tag

I monitor the c# and .net tags, and there is a thing that has become a pet peeve of mine: People asking UI-related questions without mentioning and/or tagging which UI framework they are using. For C#...
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Finding Environment- (tag-) specific help - Menu Proposal

The R community has an excellent instructional thread at How to make a great R reproducible example. I can't replicate search terms that will find this thread, nor is it linked from the Help section ...
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Is there a good way to handle common tagging errors?

There many cases where the wrong tag is used: For example, the 12factor tag is very common in questions about two-factor authentication (which isn't related). Is there a simple way to avoid it?
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The [angularjs] and [angular] tags are constantly misused. How can it be improved? [duplicate]

AngularJS and Angular are two completely different JavaScript frameworks. Their names are similar enough that they are constantly being misused. The tag descriptions already encourage proper use, but ...
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For the "Database Related" tags, could we FORMALLY request that DDL for all objects referred to by the question, be provided?

Instead of: "I have table "Foo" and table "Bar": Foo ------- ID Col1 ________ 1 "val1" 2 "Val2" 3 "Val4" " This would be preferable: I have table "Foo" and table "Bar": Foo ------- CREATE ...
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Is there a way to force users to choose their Bootstrap version for a question?

Here's the problem: There are two Bootstrap versions: Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4. They are fundamentally different and NOT compatible with each other. So, it's absolutely essential for answering a ...
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Requiring more than just a programming language tag before an answer is accepted

Since Stack Overflow is centered around programming language-related questions we know that the programming language tags are by far the most effective and necessary tag to get an answer. This is very ...
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Does forgetting a DBMS deserve a downvote? [duplicate]

I left an answer on a question that was not asked in very clear way. The user did not specify the DBMS and I gave an answer that was correct for T-SQL. I forgot to add this in the first draft; I then ...
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