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Can we add tag-specific info to the question page? [duplicate]

I'm sure other tags have similar problems, but to provide a specific example: In C# we get a lot of GUI questions. The problem is, there are 3 main GUI technologies that all have similar controls (...
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Manage/disambiguate [sql] tag [duplicate]

I've seen a lot of question with only the [sql] tag, or with other tag but no one to define the specific database. I understand that it's not possible to burninate it, but will it be possible to add ...
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Adding an 'You tagged this as SQL maybe you should also tag as specific DBMS' hint when posting questions [duplicate]

The problem: Quite often questions tagged as SQL are missing tags for the specific DBMS used and would benefit from it. This leads to the first comment being something along What is your RDBMS: ...
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The Ask Question Wizard Is Now In Testing!

A long overdue update to our last prototype announcement, our developers are pleased to announce that they've finished the review process and responsive design updates to the Wizard and it is now in ...
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Proper to downvote a user who posts the same answer later on? [duplicate]

I ran into a user today who answered a question I did the next day with the exact same answer, formatting and everything (minus my description). This made me think that, with him being a new user, he ...
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Can the tag tips be in a non-critical color?

When Shog implemented this for the sql tag, there was some confusion for the people asking questions. Normally, this color of popup is related with critical messages that won't allow you to post a ...
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Why should I "tag my RDBMS"?

I have a question about a SQL query, so I put a sql tag on it. In the comments, people are telling me to "tag my RDBMS". Why should I do that since I already tagged the programming language? (...
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Split the [regex] tag?

I've seen a lot of questions tagged with regex and no additional tags. These questions are often impossible to answer because regular expressions are so dependent on their engine's capabilities. ...
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Warn [r] users from adding [dataframes] tag instead of [data.frame] tag [duplicate]

data.frame is "One of the most basic data structures in the R language" (cited from the tags wiki), while dataframes is something entirely different. Problem is, that users (especially new ones) don'...
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We don't offer [customer-support] on this website

There is actually a customer-support tag. It currently has no tag Wiki. As the FAQ states, we're not customer support for (your favorite company). That being said, can we burninate this tag?
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Should we pipe [MangoDB] to /dev/null?

I propose we burninate the mangodb tag. Users have been confusing it for the mongodb tag, as it's only one letter different. There are now 33 questions remaining on the tag after I went through and re-...
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How to improve question quality of new Stack Overflow users

TL;DR: The low quality of questions has been linked to decreased activity of users who have > 25k reputation. Improving question quality would benefit both ends. What would be the best ways to ...
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Persistent trouble: [messaging] [messages] with these tags sends the wrong [message]

The tags message (2606 questions) and messages (926 questions) have been subject to multiple discussions. A merge request has been posted on Meta SE in 2012, and the only comment on it suggests it ...
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Visual distinction of deprecated/discouraged tags?

Can we make do-not-use tags visually distinct in some way? I almost used one just now, because I typed in the tags quickly, so I started typing the next tag before the autocomplete had showed up for ...
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What is wrong with the Oracle tag?

I got the following error: The error message requires me to use the oracle tag although I have used it already.
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