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Code coloring for PowerShell [duplicate]

See for example this question related to PowerShell: And this is how I see it in ...
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Java code highlighting does not support underscores in numeric literals [duplicate]

In Java 7, a new feature was added to Java that allows underscores to be placed within numeric literals in order to improve the readability of them. However, the Java code highlighting on SO is not ...
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Enable a "lang-powershell" option for Prettify on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I wrote an answer on Stack Overflow with some PowerShell code examples, but there's no syntax highlighting. There are currently 29,611 (as of 2015-12-08) questions tagged powershell on Stack Overflow. ...
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how to turn off colorization? [duplicate]

Easy question, I'm sure (and apologies if it's a dupe), but is there a way to turn off colorization in code fragments? Perhaps by explicitly tagging the code as being in a specific language? That is,...
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Possible markdown rendering bug (strong/bold text in code blocks) [duplicate]

If you enclose text with two asterisks, it will be displayed in bold letters. This shouldn't be the case in code blocks (I assume). When you edit or ask a question, the preview is displayed as ...
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How can I format plain code as text without any highlighting? [duplicate]

I made several attempts in my last question to format a block of text so that it has no highlighting. I tried to prefix with space, to wrap in ```text or ~~~text but it always ends as #hashtag some ...
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ASP.NET MVC Razor language code [duplicate]

What language code in the language hint should I use for code blocks for ASP.NET MVC Razor views? <!-- language: lang-razor --> doesn't seem to work.
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Syntax highlighting for Smalltalk [duplicate]

I just figured out this meta site could be a good place for asking why Smalltalk syntax is not highlighted in SO (even when tagged)? I have checked and most fashion programming languages are ...
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Elixir syntax highlighting does not work [duplicate]

I notice that Elixir snippets are not highlighted. It's supported by the Highlight.js project but using 'elixir' directly after backticks does not do anything: module Foo do def test(arg) do IO....
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Missing syntax-highlighting for x86 assembly [duplicate]

I know there are not too many assembly language questions here, but still some are and assembly language is an important part of programing (even if the majority of people do not use it). So I was ...
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C# code highlighting for "async" and "await" [duplicate]

Can we have code highlighting for async and await in C#? async and await was released with .NET Framework 4.5. Visual Studio 2012 introduces a simplified approach, async programming, that ...
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Can someone explain why there is syntax highlighting with an unsupported language? [duplicate]

The verilog tag has no syntax highlighting associated with it. For example, this post has code with no highlighting. Also, Google Code Prettify does not have "verilog" as one of its supported ...
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Add support for template literals to the JavaScript syntax highlighter [duplicate]

Shouldn't Javascript highlighting support template literals by now? The whole thing looks like a big giant string from ` to `, or worse, consider everything as code. No respect for ${} at all. Just ...
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Wrong syntax highlighting of Python default arguments [duplicate]

Update: I have filed a bug with highlight.js None should be the same colour in the function signature and function body (since it's the same object being referred to), but instead it's plain in the ...
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C# 6.0 String Interpolation Highlighting [duplicate]

Text highlighting for string interpolation is missing for C# 6 syntax StackOverflow highlighting: Visual Studio 2015 highlighting: i.e. if the string is prepended with a $ then {something } should ...
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