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Self-promoting book [duplicate]

I'm a regular answerer (for the async/await questions, at least) on SO. I've recently finished writing a book: O'Reilly's Concurrency in C# Cookbook. As you may guess, a lot of the recipes would ...
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Answers referencing Articles Written By Me [duplicate]

I recently posted an answer to an old question about Knuth's formal definition of an algorithm - The Art of Computer Programming v1. The content of the answer is essentially copy pasted from an ...
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(How) should I flag an answer that links to a self-written external package to solve the question's problem? [duplicate]

(How) should I flag this answer? I wrote angular-server-repeat to (partially) solve this problem. Check it out. It's not exactly NAA, since it does specify a package name to search for if the link ...
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Answer with book recommendation valid? [duplicate]

I recently stumbled over an answer that was answered on the one hand technically to the question, but at the end of his answer he recommended one of his written books with a link to it, so you can ...
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What to do when particular user is sharing his own site's link in every answer? [duplicate]

Sorry for taking this point but I saw a guy is sharing his own blog/site's link under every answer of his, whether it is related to answer or not. I think he wants some traffic, but this is not good. ...
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Is this answer a form of undisclosed self-promotion [duplicate]

So I was looking to solve an issue when I came across this answer. The answer links to this blog post (cached version for people who can't see it) at the end saying that the author got the solution ...
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User gratuitously links to own website in otherwise good answers [duplicate]

This question is different from "Is it acceptable to promote your own blog?" in that the user's answers themselves are great material and most definitely not spam — it's just that last bit with the ...
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Why did I fail this VLQ review audit? It's not VLQ, NAA, spam, abusive, a comment, or a thank you [duplicate]

I just failed this review in the VLQ queue and was given a ban for it. I don't understand what is VLQ about the post. Perhaps the post provided a technologically incorrect answer to the OP's question,...
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Edit that removed self-promotion rejected [duplicate]

While doing Triage, I came across this question that already had four answers, one accepted and others saying the same thing. The new answer was an obvious cut'n'paste from somewhere else (note the ...
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Is it OK to ask and answer your own questions and link to your wiki?

This question will be probably controversal, so please keep in mind that it is meant for discussion in the first place. I am currently thinking about writing a FAQ or "best practices" on a ...
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What to do with a user who promotes his site in all his answers? [duplicate]

I recently down voted and flagged an answer as VLQ (almost link-only, with no added or helpful info in the text), then checked the user's profile. All answers from the user are containing one or more ...
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