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When to flag an answer as "not an answer"

With respect to some flag rejection messages I received recently, the following seems to be a few of the guidelines for judging an answer: If it's an incorrect answer, downvote it. If you don't agree ...
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Why was my flag for a link-only answer from 2008, declined? [duplicate]

I know it's Jon Skeet but this answer of his posted in 2008 is link only. My flag to this post get rejected by moderator as declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to ...
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Isn't this answer link-only? [duplicate]

I have flagged this answer several times: [Yes.][1] This isn't the only method for doing it, but this is probably the most elegant method I've encountered. [Here's another one.][2] ...
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Requesting flagging guidelines - not an answer scenario [duplicate]

When I was going through the new questions, I came across this question . Well, the question in itself was off-...
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Link only flag got declined for answer: "Here is a rather descriptive starting point."

I flagged this answer back in September (used Other with link only answer as description), and recently it got declined with the following note: declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found ...
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Flagging link-only questions

"STATS 380 Binomial and Poisson Distribution" contains only a link to an image of a question (I haven't clicked on it to confirm). I understand that there is concern that users can link to an image ...
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Should link-only answers be flagged as not-an-answer? Conflicting meta posts

From this meta post, I got the idea that if an answer is a link-only answer, then it is indeed "Not an answer", which led me to believe that link-only answers should be flagged as "Not ...
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Flagging system is unclear when it comes to link-only answers

As explained in a Meta answer, link-only answers should be flagged: [...] since it requires you to go off-site to find a solution. We want solutions to be on the site. The answer should have been a ...
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How do I mark an answer as not an answer except by flagging it?

I marked an answer as not an answer (because it is link only, and it because all it does is recommend a third-party framework, which we are not supposed to do) and got declined by the moderator, with ...
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Some link-only answers are immune? [duplicate] Google wrote some code to assist with this. Here's an example: <link> Here are other styled marker examples: <link> And another: ...
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