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Should reviewers slow down and grasp the context before taking action? [closed]

I have seen multiple times recently where drive-by reviewers are flagging or voting things very incorrectly. When this happens, I can often see how the mistake could have been made, but only if the ...
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Shop system. Reputation points buyable for real currency

Make a shop system, in which we can buy reputation packs for real money. There should be daily limit on how much of reputation we can buy a day. There could be also other features to buy. Here are my ...
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Why does a high rep user have a better chance of getting an answer than a low rep user?

I was reading through all the privileges, when I figured out that offering bounties was a privilege. Now I am going to just put a situation: User with 70 rep: The user posts a question, and it ...
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Should a question about language version support be considered “not about software development"?

Many people have been surprised to find out that a top-tier programming language, PHP (#2-7 depending on metric), suddenly has an extra year of support, since sometime after March 2024. When I posted ...
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