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Are questions about specific questions off topic on Meta Stack Overflow?

I asked a question about a question, and it was rapidly downvoted. So this new question is: Are questions about specific questions rather than classes of question, off topic on Meta Stack Overflow? ...
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Why was my answer deleted with the reason "Don't post identical answers to multiple questions"? [duplicate]

Two questions were asked in the past, both of them wanted to detect user touch on the Google map: How to handle touch event on google map (MapFragment)? Google Maps Android API v2 - detect touch on ...
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Question on-hold as "off topic", asking for research

I recently asked a question that was questionably broad. I had narrowed down what I needed to a very specific "how-to" question. Several people commented saying it was too broad so I narrowed it down ...
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Can I crosspost to Stack Overflow a question that was barely seen on DBA?

I posted this last night: and it only got 13 views. I am worried frankly that no-one saw it, an issue ...
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The flag menu needs improvement [closed]

I think that the flag menus need to be improved. There are a number of why was my flag declined and we need to be able to move stuff to Code Review and "stop shoveling crap to Code Review" ...
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Can we have a delete option for suggested edits? [duplicate]

Problem I am currently at the limit for pending suggested edits. All my pending edits aren't being reviewed by anyone, so without a way to delete them, I can't suggest edits at all. I want to be able ...
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Dead links to deleted "bad" questions/answers from meta make it hard to learn SO best practices

Many times, reviewing meta questions in order to learn more about what makes a good/bad SO question or practice (e.g., should I provide a good answer to a bad question), the link from the meta ...
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Get notification when 50 question limit passes?

I am experiencing the 50 question per month limit on Stack Overflow. I'd like to get a notification when the limit passes, however, looking at the Subscription portion of my profile, I don't see how ...
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What should I consider before posting a question about a specific question?

Questions about questions are allowed but waste bandwidth if not well considered. How can I check my question before posting on meta?
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In cases where users are misusing Flags I think mods should both explain the dismissal and propose a preferred action

In a previous Question, I spoke of a situation where I hadn't found the Flag dismissal message to be particularly helpful. The initial Flag message had read: This answer, while highly rated, ...
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May I reask a downvoted question I've edited that hasn't been reassessed after my edit?

I wrote a question and admittedly messed up. It was downvoted, I modified it immediately, but the user who downvoted it hasn't responded and now I fear the downvote is deterring other people from ...
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Why was one of my comments deleted?

In this post: What is the use of 0-length array (or std::array)? I posted a comment about some of the uses of a 0-length array. Why was it deleted? I wasn't notified and only noticed by accident. If ...
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Custom Filter support an array of optional tags

We are only allowed to use up to 99 filter tags, which is reasonable if you look at the generated URL. But the current logic forces you to do something like this: [python] and [multithreading] or [...
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Add ability to accept own answer for clarity, but give points for accepted answer to another user

Sometimes, when you ask a question, you get a very helpful answer that is not quite right, or needs some help. Because of them, you are able to craft a better response to your own problem. Of course, ...
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Why did they ban me from asking questions for asking a poor question when I copied a question exactly that was asked at least four other times?

Why did Stack Overflow ban me from asking questions for asking a "poor" question when I copied exactly the same question that was asked at least four other times on Stack Overflow? If it was a so poor ...
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