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Is this a link only answer?

I saw this answer You mean something like IPhone checkboxes? and claimed in a custom flag that it was link only. There is no ...
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The flag menu needs improvement [closed]

I think that the flag menus need to be improved. There are a number of why was my flag declined and we need to be able to move stuff to Code Review and "stop shoveling crap to Code Review" ...
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Can we have a delete option for suggested edits? [duplicate]

Problem I am currently at the limit for pending suggested edits. All my pending edits aren't being reviewed by anyone, so without a way to delete them, I can't suggest edits at all. I want to be able ...
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Get notification when 50 question limit passes?

I am experiencing the 50 question per month limit on Stack Overflow. I'd like to get a notification when the limit passes, however, looking at the Subscription portion of my profile, I don't see how ...
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Dead links to deleted "bad" questions/answers from meta make it hard to learn SO best practices

Many times, reviewing meta questions in order to learn more about what makes a good/bad SO question or practice (e.g., should I provide a good answer to a bad question), the link from the meta ...
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What should I consider before posting a question about a specific question?

Questions about questions are allowed but waste bandwidth if not well considered. How can I check my question before posting on meta?
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In cases where users are misusing Flags I think mods should both explain the dismissal and propose a preferred action

In a previous Question, I spoke of a situation where I hadn't found the Flag dismissal message to be particularly helpful. The initial Flag message had read: This answer, while highly rated, ...
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May I reask a downvoted question I've edited that hasn't been reassessed after my edit?

I wrote a question and admittedly messed up. It was downvoted, I modified it immediately, but the user who downvoted it hasn't responded and now I fear the downvote is deterring other people from ...
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Why was one of my comments deleted?

In this post: What is the use of 0-length array (or std::array)? I posted a comment about some of the uses of a 0-length array. Why was it deleted? I wasn't notified and only noticed by accident. If ...
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Add ability to accept own answer for clarity, but give points for accepted answer to another user

Sometimes, when you ask a question, you get a very helpful answer that is not quite right, or needs some help. Because of them, you are able to craft a better response to your own problem. Of course, ...
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Why did they ban me from asking questions for asking a poor question when I copied a question exactly that was asked at least four other times?

Why did Stack Overflow ban me from asking questions for asking a "poor" question when I copied exactly the same question that was asked at least four other times on Stack Overflow? If it was a so poor ...
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Should reviewers slow down and grasp the context before taking action? [closed]

I have seen multiple times recently where drive-by reviewers are flagging or voting things very incorrectly. When this happens, I can often see how the mistake could have been made, but only if the ...
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Why does a high rep user have a better chance of getting an answer than a low rep user?

I was reading through all the privileges, when I figured out that offering bounties was a privilege. Now I am going to just put a situation: User with 70 rep: The user posts a question, and it ...
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Shop system. Reputation points buyable for real currency

Make a shop system, in which we can buy reputation packs for real money. There should be daily limit on how much of reputation we can buy a day. There could be also other features to buy. Here are my ...
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