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Are we dupevoting meta questions about post bans too quickly?

I have been around Meta.SO for a while and one of the things that I have noticed is that the community is very quick to dupevote questions about getting out of post bans (question bans and answer bans)...
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A mark to indicate that I, the asker, am not satisfied with an answer [closed]

User stories: As a user who posts a question, I would like to have the ability to show that one or many answers to my question was not satisfactory to me, and that I would welcome other users to add ...
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Are Meta downvotes discouraging users from improving their questions?

TL;DR Surely downvoting valid discussions is discouraging users from asking good questions? I asked a question on the main site: How can I import multiple items from a module and rename them in ...
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Measuring the participation of women on Stack Overflow

I've noticed a positive trend in the last six months, and I would like to confirm it -- if possible. It appears to me that more women users are participating on Stack Overflow -- importantly: ...
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I feel that maybe we are overdoing the downvoting [closed]

No, really... hear me out. What bugs me about the now infamous "meta effect" is that sometimes we hammer-downvotes on very innocuous little "query" posts. I mean... I understand why I should be ...
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My good meta answers downvoted inexplicably

I have these 3 answers up that have a negative score on Meta here:
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Is the lack of reputation gain/loss for comments encouraging of a toxic environment?

My question deals with the potential use of comments as a means for increased reputation, without the burden that's placed on the shoulders of full out answers. I feel like not rating in some way the ...
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If it's a "famous question" with a "great answer", why can just 5 people decide to close it?

I was mightily surprised by how well my answer to this question was received: Why is '१२३' numeric?. Whilst it hasn't been closed yet, there are 3 close votes on it. It seems strange to me ...
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Where can I send improvement suggestions or feature requests? The "How to Ask" guidance on Meta is confusing

Is there a way to send Stack Overflow improvement suggestions, like feature requests? I thought I had to do this here on Meta, but when I started to Ask a question I saw in the yellow square on the ...
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The value of an edit timer?

I noticed that a decently formatted question was edited by another user within 40 seconds of being posted. Is there value in having other users edit submissions so quickly? Would it be valuable to ...
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How does this system support questions about symptoms that have multiple root causes? [duplicate]

It's a theme in service management frameworks, such as ITIL. A symptom can have multiple root causes. There are cases of unique root causes, that do not get coverage, because they duplicate a question ...
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Is asking 'why is this question being downvoted' acceptable here?

Searching this site seems to show conflicting answers. Take, for instance, Can you explain why my question was downvoted? - the top answer is highly upvoted. But the question (the Meta question) is ...
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Documentation off topic [closed]

I added a couple of entries to the Documentation area and they were flagged as being off topic. In fact the reviewer has stated that they are off topic for the Swift Language tag and should be moved ...
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Deleted answer, don't understand why

I've answered this question and it was deleted without any explanation. Also there has been a downvote without any explanation. I'm not really understanding it as: It is answering the question It is ...
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Is this a link only answer?

I saw this answer You mean something like IPhone checkboxes? and claimed in a custom flag that it was link only. There is no ...
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