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What is wrong with this question about asking for the proper HTML tag for a given type of content?

Here's my post, word for word (deleted by various mods for being "opinion based") HTML Purists: what's the most correct tag for a slogan on a business website? [closed] What's the most ...
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Deleted answer, don't understand why

I've answered this question and it was deleted without any explanation. Also there has been a downvote without any explanation. I'm not really understanding it as: It is answering the question It is ...
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Is it okay to just ask for an algorithm to a problem?

Is it ok if I pose/quote an algorithmic problem and just ask for a solution to it? Or at least can I ask users to point me in the right direction (give me the name of a known algorithm/tell me where ...
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Question on-hold as "off topic", asking for research

I recently asked a question that was questionably broad. I had narrowed down what I needed to a very specific "how-to" question. Several people commented saying it was too broad so I narrowed it down ...

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