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Why are edit suggestion review stats so skewed? [duplicate]

e.g. What I see: This is nonsensical. I would characterize my reviewing as very strict: I probably reject about 1/2 of suggested edits. Go ...
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Wildly different rejection counts for same user [duplicate]

When I look at old suggested edits, and click on the (more) link to view the accept- and reject-counts, I get wildly different rejection counts (on myself) for no apparent reason. Examples: https://...
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Apparently I'm a Robo Reviewer now? [duplicate]

Not sure what is going on tried clearing my cache but still the Suggested-Edits queue is showing weird stats for me as a reviewer. Review Stats from /suggested-edits/6364986 Review Stats from /...
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Reviewer stats make me appear a suggested-edit-serial-approver [duplicate]

Currently my Suggested Edit review stats say this: Tom Redfern has approved 420 edit suggestions and rejected 3 edit suggestions Now, being a grumpy old git, I reject LOADS of suggested edits, ...
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Suggested Edit Reviews - Design Error with "Reject and Edit" [duplicate]

I just noticed a minor bug when I clicked "Reject and Edit" in the Suggested Edit Review Queue. When I click on "more", my username is listed, but with having 0 edits approved and 0 edits rejected. ...
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Am I rejecting too many edits?

In regards to reviewing in the suggested edit queue, I seem to be rejecting a lot more edits than most people. I have rejected about the same number of edits as I have approved. Is this a problem? I ...
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Why is my edit rejected, but a similar edit made 2 minutes later

I am confused why my edit is rejected. I removed a 'THANK you!' message, and because I was editing the question anyway, I decided to fix a spelling error (I've never heard of a 'back slash', google ...
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What is the reason behind this 'community' edit?

The omniscient user 'community' made an edit to this answer (How to add a class to body tag?), and I am baffled to the reasoning behind it. The original answer was: You can extract that part of the ...
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Meaningless edits, or formatting guidelines not communicated?

I receive notifications of ‘suggested edits’ to my writing with cosmetic changes of unknown purpose, such as this one: A common pattern is that an edit looks like it tries to make my answer or ...
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Approved suggested edit that breaks the original answer

One of my answers has been edited (approved by suggested edits review), but the edit turns a valid response to an erroneous one. I've just edited it to revert to the original answer. Do approvers and ...
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How to educate folks on site policy sans contact?

This is related to How do I contact other users? and Any way to send a personal message to another user?. I understand we are not allowed to contact others, so I'm wondering how to educate others on ...
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Where can I find suggested edit review stats?

Since it seems established that the suggested edit review queue will report the wrong stats for my reviews, where can I find the stats on my reviews? When I look at a previously approved edit, I get: ...
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Suggested Edit Stats don't show my stats if I "Reject and Edit" or "Improve Edit"

I did some reviewing in the Suggested Edit queue today. It just so happened that the last one I did I reviewed as "Reject and Edit". I wanted to go back to see what my stats are so far (how many ...
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