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People are doing worst/nothing editing to gain rep then misusing those ids

I am reviewing the question which came for edit, and almost every day I see a new id with an edit spree. A user x who has not given any answer or asked any question but has a rep of 500+ only from ...
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Create "too minor" review audits that consist of adding a bad tag

The Suggested Edits review queue suffers from robo-reviewers. One thing I see regularly is users serially adding one or a few tags to a lot of posts. The current review audit system does not catch ...
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Reminding people to pay attention and use skip when reviewing

This is a recurring issue on the site: 2014 There is no shame in using "Skip" Let us bring an end to the "robo-reviewer" war: Phase 1 - 2 Are we supposed to flag bad reviews? ...
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Can corporations be viable members of Stack Overflow?

Question Can a corporation really even be a member of a community like Stack Overflow? Would they participate in the chat rooms? "Hi, Google, how ya doin' this fine morn?" Can they learn and grow ...
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Are there machine-generated edits on Stack Overflow?

I just had a very weird edit on my answer: It was rejected because of a conflict, but that's not the point. What's weird for me: Someone ...
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How is it possible that this edit was approved?

I'm talking about this edit. It clearly changes the code in the answer to something that no longer solves the problem. The previous code was what OP wanted, the edit changed it to something that no ...
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Better Edit Review Audits to guide Reviewers

During my activity in the suggested edits review queue I have often seen robo-reviewers that seem to approve everything, only rejecting the (obvious) audits, thus they never get review banned. ...
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Providing feedback on approved bad edits to my answers shows unnecessary and arguable negative-value edits to my answer. One of the reviewers correctly observed this and commented to that effect, but the ...
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Foreshadowing of suggested edit audits [duplicate]

When the system gives you an audit in Suggested Edits, one of those vandalism-type edits, it’s really obvious that you’re going to get one of those, because it takes several seconds for it to come up, ...
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Bad edit in review queue

Lately, on the tag I frequent, I've noticed that numerous edits that I rejected still got accepted through the review queue. Example: this edit (someone edits in code formatting for table and form ...
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Improve review Suggested Edits "paying attention" algorithm [closed]

From my current observations, "paying attention" checking test (audit) during Suggested Edits review is just placing random words into edited post, which are very easy to find out. I think that ...
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Why are review audits in Suggested Edits queue really obvious [duplicate]

Is it just me or are the audits inside the Suggested Edit queue really really obvious that they are tests. This was raised as an issue here by a user, but hasn't got a satisfactory (or any) answer. ...
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