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Is covering the technical operational policies of a vendor’s App Store on-topic in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I wonder if this Question, Can I update an app while it's available for Pre-Order in the App-Store, is on-topic in Stack Overflow. It is a technical-oriented question but not exactly programming, and ...
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What about Microsoft Office Store support? [duplicate]

I just stumbled on the office-store tag and looked over some of the questions. Most of them seem to revolve around the theme of "why was my app rejected" or be specific questions targeting the Office ...
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Need clear direction on App Store questions [duplicate]

I'm trying to find a definitive answer to the on-topic-ness (or off-topic-ness) of App Store questions. App Store questions would include Apple's App Store, Google's Play, Microsoft's Windows' Store, ...
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Where to ask about problems involving submitting an app to the Mac App Store [duplicate]

I am struggling to submit my application made in Unity to the Mac App Store, mainly due to my lack of understanding of certificates, etc. As I have struggled to find any answers online that address ...
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Why can't I ask customer service-related questions on Stack Overflow?

Why can't I ask customer service-related questions here, like: How do I get my Facebook developer account confirmation code? Will Apple approve my app, and under what conditions? Where can I download ...
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Are questions about iTunes Connect on topic on Stack Overflow?

This question was asked today, regarding some aspect of Apple's site that had 'disappeared'. Apple's policy on what it does or does not make available is clearly off-topic, but the OP decided that ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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Do accepted answers to meta questions represent official guidelines for the site?

I've recently been gripped with an intriguing question. Are users expected to know and understand the accepted answers to various question regarding potential behavior when asking and answering ...
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Why was this seemingly off-topic question about how to get an app rejected from the Apple App Store reopened?

A while back, I encountered a question where the user wanted to know how to make sure that their app would be rejected from an app store (because someone had apparently submitted it illegally and ...
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Where would be a good place to ask questions about Play Store policy? [duplicate]

Play Store gave my app status of App Content Approved with Issues Issue: Invalid Data safety section Policy Declaration for Play Safety Label: Template id: "...
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Should we nuke [appstore-approval] tag?

I see that appstore-approval tag questions are nothing about programming. Tag itself says: App store approval is off-topic for Stack Overflow. Questions marked with this tag concern the approval ...
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Correct workflow for migrating a deleted question

I asked a question on SO that was closed because it had a downvote and no answers after 30 days. After looking through SO meta posts, it looks like a better home for this may be the Ask Different site ...
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Is there a welcome bot / be nice bot? [duplicate]

Recently I have noticed that completely rubbish posts get upvoted quite quickly after an initial downvote. As this happened to me this morning again for this question I honestly start to question if ...
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Can anyone give me some tips or suggestions for how I might improve this question so that it can be re-opened?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: External beta testers are getting app builds only assigned to internal testers in TestFlight I'd like to better understand how I can add the requested "...
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Merge tags “windows-store-apps” and “windows-store”

windows-store-apps used for 5,429 questions windows-store used for 438 questions Since these two used for the same thing most of the time it will be easy to use only one of them (windows-store-apps, ...
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