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How long should we wait for a poster to clarify a question before closing?

Many questions in the close vote queue have comments asking for clarification, as well as close votes because they're "unclear" or "too broad" or "off-topic/questions seeking debugging help ...". The ...
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Vote to close unclear questions immediately after commenting?

I'm a bit unsure what the correct procedure is when a question is unclear, but it looks as though the question can be fixed by OP. I.e., the question could be good if only OP knew how to ask questions....
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What's the purpose of closing questions? [duplicate]

I don't understand the point of actively preventing people from answering questions. What good does it do? I've often experienced the frustration of spending a few minutes writing an answer to a ...
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Are novice questions being put on hold too quickly? [duplicate]

There have been a couple of questions recently that have been put On Hold (too broad) within a short time of them having been asked. In their original form the questions do indeed fail to meet the SO ...
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Why are "grey area" questions downvoted so harshly and quickly? [duplicate]

Sometimes, like in this SO question, high rep users are sooooo fast with the downvotes - they may be correct, but they are so fast that we don't even have time to edit our shit - that it discourages ...
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Is the question not clear enough if the reader is not able to grasp what it asks for? [duplicate]

After writing some problematic questions myself and after answering downvoted and for closing voted questions I can't get rid of the impression that it is a common practice here that if a reviewer has ...
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Limiting downvoting on questions by new users who haven't had a chance to respond to requests for improvement [duplicate]

Here's a first-time question-asker at -11, fifteen minutes after he asked the question. He hasn't been back yet to see the comments. I see this sort of thing fairly regularly. I know as well as ...
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Why are people so quick to downvote questions? [duplicate]

Sometimes I ask ignorant questions, but I always try doing research beforehand and try my best to make my questions clear, concise, and grammatically correct. Here's an example: Fatal error: Call to ...
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Why does someone downvote my question in less than five seconds? [duplicate]

Sometimes when I ask a question, as soon as I press Post Your Question, someone downvotes my question in less than five seconds. Why? Please just read the question first, then after 10 seconds I will ...
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I'm getting really, really tired of filtering through the garbage... any tips?

I've been trying to answer questions as best as I can. I admit, I want the rep, but I always try to make my answers as high-quality as possible. I'm here to try and help people who deserve help, not ...
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Closing questions just makes people feel really bad - can we make it harder in general?

Just trying to start a conversation about this blog post .. which really resonated for me. I'm not heavily involved with Stack Overflow but I use it ...
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Am I breaking the laws or are there trolls in our community? [duplicate]

I've made a question*, I've clicked the "post" button, the page has been reloaded and exactly 6 seconds later I already had a downvote, I mean, who downvoted my question didn't even have time to read ...
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Watch those itchy trigger fingers

Note: I refrain from deleting this question (which was ill-considered when asked) only because of the good answers given, especially the one by Nicol Bolas. My position evolved as I had to think it ...
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Are the hurried downvoters improving this community?

One reason of voting a question is to keep the quality of website, good rises to the top; bad is forced to the bottom. Then a hurried down-vote without considering the details of a question and just ...
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Why are questions on the Spring framework closed so quickly? [closed]

I don't wan't to trash anyone or neither create a debate, but I am tired re asking the same question without getting any answer and losing any possibility to get an answer for that. I am surprised ...
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