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People with direct edit privileges should be able to single handedly approve edit suggestions [duplicate]

As the title says. I don't think it makes much sense to have a system where someone who could directly without needing approval edit something needing 2 other people of the same kind to approve a ...
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System design for approving an edit is strange [duplicate]

For an edit suggestion by a low-reputation user to be adopted, approval by multiple high-reputation users is required. However, a single high-reputation user can approve and improve an edit by ...
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Why does reviewing edits require three people, but making edits requires only yourself (after 2k reputation points)? [duplicate]

According to the privileges page we can make instant edits when we hit 2k reputation points. However, reviewing other peoples edits still requires some consensus between users. This makes no sense to ...
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Approving Edits Vs Improving them [duplicate] When someone with low reputation suggests an edit, it requires a few votes by other members to approve it. ...
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Increase Approve/Reject Edit Weight for Gold Tag Badge Holders

About five months ago, gold badge holders were given the ability to close questions as duplicates. This seems to have worked quite well in terms of duplicates, however when a question is edited by ...

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