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Can something be done about users using code snippets in place of code highlighting? [duplicate]

Without fail, every day I come across questions where the person has posted non-runnable code (e.g. CSS only, PHP only, ...), but instead of using the code formatting options of indenting or back ...
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Please restrict the use of stack-snippets [duplicate]

The question that triggered this request is Android - get data detail listview using asynctask in fragment and service using codeigneter. In the question, stack-snippets were applied to nearly ...
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Lots of bogus "begin snippet" need to be edited out because of unrelated languages [duplicate]

Recently I've noticed a lot of code snippets that have something like this: <! -- begin snippet: js hide: false --> <! -- language: lang-html --> <! -- end snippet --> Where the ...
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Rename or label StackSnippet editor widget to discourage non-JavaScript use? [duplicate]

At present, it's common to see new users leveraging StackSnippets for non-JavaScript code -- Python, golang, and the like -- where they provide no benefit over standard code-section functionality, but ...
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Feedback requested: Runnable code snippets in questions and answers

Today we're proposing a new feature to the Stack Overflow community: Stack Snippets. What do Stack Snippets do? Stack Snippets make code blocks runnable. Here's an example: alert("You can even do ...
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Feedback Requested: Code Editor and Stack Snippets

You probably all know about Stack Snippets (a.k.a. "JavaScript/HTML/CSS Snippets"), which we introduced almost a year ago. You probably also know that Stack Snippets are routinely misused for ...
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"JavaScript snippet"? But I use it for HTML and CSS as well!

Following on from various Meta posts about code snippets being misused (like this one and this other one), a few days ago the Code Snippet WYSIWYG button's title was changed from "Code snippet" to "...
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Misunderstanding how the "make code sample" button works

It seems that some people don't understand how the "make code sample" button {} works. I encounter posts like this all the time: The problem appears to be that they first click {}, and then ...
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Stack Snippets and non-runnable code

Since the introduction of Stack Snippets, I've noticed them showing up frequently with non-runnable code. (I spend most of my time on the google-apps-script tag, which is a server-side js variant. I ...
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Should it be more obvious that stack snippets are only meant for HTML/CSS/JS?

Sometimes I see questions like one, two and three where a user unfamiliar with stack snippets pastes their C or C++ code into the stack snippet box. Now admittedly this doesn't happen very often, but ...
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Is this 'Run code snippet' with payload an attempt to infect SO users' machines with a virus?

Just wondering if there's a risk to a user's machine by clicking "Run Snippet" in questions like this one I'm suspicious because on the face of it the question doesn't look like it needs to ...
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Force preview of stack snippets

This question, among many, many, others, attempts to run PHP code in a stack snippet. I propose that the stack snippets are each previewed in a dialog box after the user clicks Post Your Question. ...
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Code snippets are a pest

I find it extremely cumbersome that code snippets add lots of buttons and borders and make it much harder to read through questions. I answer a lot of question in angular2, and in a lot of questions ...
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Why is it so hard to add code? [duplicate]

I always struggle for like 10min trying to add code to my question.. I either have to paste it all in, then go and manually add spaces, or I use Ctrl+K and paste it in one line at a time. Is this ...
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Is there a better name for Stack Snippets?

You'll all be aware of the following posts no doubt: Feedback requested: Runnable code snippets in questions and answers Stack Snippets Sandbox - Try It Out Here! I'm not a massive fan of the name ...
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