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Filter questions by excluding tags [duplicate]

Please forgive me if this question is already answered. I am looking for a way to search for some questions by excluding some tags. Example: I am a Java programmer and I am usually using the java tag ...
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Is there a way to filter out tags? [duplicate]

I've noticed that whenever I go to a generic tag, java for example, I get questions not only regarding the Java programming language, but also Java APIs. For subjects that I have no experience with, I ...
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Can I filter all questions "except tag-X"? [duplicate]

How can I most easily use a specifc tag as exclusion criteria ? Say a site has the tags: foo-1 foo-2 foo-3 ... foo-n I can easily find all questions of foo-x by just clicking that tag or going to: ...
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How do I filter Java but exclude Android in RSS or searches? [duplicate]

Is there a way to stay subscribed (such as via RSS or searches) to Java but exclude Android or Gradle-related questions?
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Should it be possible to exclude a tag when searching? [duplicate]

When I search for the ruby tag a lot of the time I get stuff about ruby on rails which I actually don't want. Should there be a way to specify tags you really really don't want to have? Not just one ...
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Can I filter out certain tags? [duplicate]

When browsing through questions I can set a custom filter to only show me questions with specific tags. Can I also do the opposite? Like say, I want to see all questions except questions which have ...
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How to combine OR and EXCLUDE in searches?

I am trying to search for specific tags but excluding others. I have reviewed this question and the search help page but am running into an issue combining the OR operator with excluding tags. When I ...
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Add negative searching to Advanced Search Tips

I had a half composed meta question about requesting the ability to filter searches for questions that didn't have a particular tag when I thought to double check the searching help page. (For the ...
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Filter questions with multiple tags using "OR" and excluding multiple tags doesn't work

There are numerous topics already discussing how to exclude a tag or two in a filter, however all of them seems to work only if tags without or are used. As soon as or added it ignores the not tags. ...
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Is there a way to exclude tags in the question filter? [duplicate]

In the question filter box on e.g., is there a way to exclude tags? The usual search box technique of prefacing the tag name with a -, described in How to search ...
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