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Introducing Outdated Answers project

In our blog post last month on our Community & Public Platform strategy & roadmap for Q1 2021, we announced an initiative to address outdated answers on Stack Overflow. Today, I'll give you ...
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If the question is specifically about a certain language, is an answer in another language valid? [duplicate]

Recently, I came across this question asking about collecting a list into sublists in Scheme. The OP received a very comprehensive answer, which was accepted. However, another answer was posted in a ...
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Is it acceptable to post answers in Swift on iOS/OS X questions marked with the Objective-C tag and vice versa?

Since the unveiling of Swift, I've noticed a lot of iOS/OS X questions (both new and old) marked with the Objective-C tag receiving answers in Swift. I've also seen in many cases users commenting on ...
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My answer was deleted, but I'm not sure why

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Equal height image grid that fills up width of container I'm relatively new to Stack Overflow and yesterday I posted an answer to a question. Two hours ...
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Should I broaden a question where the answers are broader than the question?

Typing the Enter/Return key using Python and Selenium is specifically about Selenium in Python, but highly upvoted answers provide answers for Selenium in at least four different programming languages....
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What to do with answers in a different programming language than the one asked for? [duplicate]

I stumbled on an old, too broad Java question yesterday (no effort asking for an algorithm). Having quite some votes, views and answers, I decided to browse through them, and found three answers which ...
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Is it acceptable to copy old Objective-C answers just to rewrite them in Swift?

I recently saw a lot of very old questions tagged Objective-C receiving new attention: new answers in Swift have been added. But these answers aren't actually new; they are just old answers being ...
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How to handle a question that was scoped to a single language, but has a large number of answers that ignored that scope? [duplicate]

Find the smallest positive integer that does not occur in a given sequence asked how to solve a particular Codility problem in Java (it was tagged with the java tag originally). Since then, the page ...
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What is the procedure for getting blatantly off-topic C or C++ answers deleted?

In the C tag wiki and C++ tag wiki we have established rules for how to deal with cross-tagging of posts with both c and c++ at once, as well as guidelines for user moderators. I was the one pushing ...
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Is this answer NAA or VLQ worthy? [duplicate]

Before I flag, I wanted to confirm if this answer is worthy of either of those flags: The question is tagged with php and json. The OP wanted php code to solve the issue (as seen by the tags and ...
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Should TypeScript answers to JavaScript questions, that make no attempt to explain themselves, be considered valid answers? [duplicate]

TypeScript (TS) and JavaScript are related languages, but they are not exactly the same. It might be valid to answer a TypeScript question with pure JavaScript, but is the reverse ok? It feels a ...
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NAA flag declined on answer using completely different programming language [duplicate]

Today I stumbled across this answer. The answer is explaining how to perform the task outlined in the question using JavaScript. However, the question is asking about a Python implementation. I left a ...
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Answer doing the right thing in the wrong language - does that count as an answer? [duplicate]

I recently came across a question tagged .net, to which a user had posted an answer explaining exactly how to solve the asker's problem... in Objective-C. I was about to flag the answer as "not an ...
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Should I post an answer if it adds value to the question, but doesn't answer it directly? [duplicate]

For a matter of fact, this question asks how to convert millis to other amounts of time using PhP. But, I know that Bukkit (one of the question tags, useful tag) uses Java as it's main language. I ...
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Should answers make it explicitly clear when they answer with a different programming language?

Answers to questions, that use a language not specified in the body or the tags are potentially valid (quoting from the answer: "It depends on the nature of the question.") But should ...
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