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Downvoting stupid simple questions [duplicate]

I understand the reason of downvoting, and am aware of the downvote tooltip: This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful But to what extent should this be applied? ...
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How much research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users?

I'm well aware that some research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users before they post any new questions, but I'm not sure just how much research effort is considered adequate. I asked a ...
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What is the proper way to approach Stack Overflow as someone totally new to programming?

I've read the FAQs and prompts that coach on how to ask good questions and am careful to follow that advice. I make a good effort to research the problem before asking the question, both on Stack ...
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Why do people downvote elementary questions?

There is a common situation on SO where people don't have the ability to ask a good question because they don't understand the concepts at hand well enough. If they were able to ask the question ...
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Beginner Troubleshooting Questions

Related topics: How to answer extreme beginner questions Are beginners' questions welcome? How do people feel about beginner troubleshooting questions? Note that I'm not asking about beginner Qs,...
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Attitude Toward Beginner Questions [duplicate]

I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but I've seen too many questions being asked and closed for stupid reasons. If they're closed for real reasons, that's fine, but they're not. The question ...
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If we want to tackle the problem of question quality, really simple questions need some legitimate avenue

There's obviously a lot of talk on here about question quality lately, and a lot of suggestions for how to kill perceived bad content, which I think is misguided. The fact is that there are people ...
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How to deal with questions answerable with a simple web search?

I've seen a significant number of questions that could be answered with a simple {insert your favorite search engine here} search. Basically, had the Asker simply typed their question into Google ...
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Is it proper and what's the proper way to close real beginner questions?

I just encountered this review about a question ( being off-topic. The specific reason given was that This question does not ...
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How can we make a question closure feel less like an attack?

Update: Honestly, I don't understand all the downvotes. It must mean that people on Meta here don't want to talk about this issue anymore. Do people think the problem is solved? Yes there are many bad ...
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