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Stack Overflow frontpage tailored for each user? [duplicate]

Just today, I've observed that the frontpage of Stack Overflow shows me questions regarding HTML, Python and PHP (questions that I generally answer). So, is Stack Overflow tracking the questions that ...
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Is using Stack Overflow for gimme codez questions encouraged?

There seems to be now be an implicit license for "gimme codez" questions like and associated reputation gains for cheap answers to such questions. Is this ...
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Feedback requested: New “recommended” homepage, phase 2

A while ago, we started work on a new homepage algorithm for Stack Overflow. See phase 1 (with feedback), and motivations for some more detail. We had gotten to a point where we were pretty happy ...
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Triage implementation has been (silently) abandoned midway, how bad is that?

I recently learned that triage development has been abandoned midway: Triage was predicated on us rewriting all of the views. Which... Very nearly happened. And then didn't. (side note for readers ...
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Rethinking the torrent of trash: quarantine for new user questions [duplicate]

TL;DR: Please reconsider the idea of a quarantine for new users' questions. Consider two pictures. Our first contestant is a person with a problem, and a disinclination to do any real research or ...
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I made a jsfiddle of a responsive SO

Original, Responsive. I got rid of fixed widths and made percent widths. It starts to break at around 650px width, by then it could go to mobile styles. What do you think? Could something like this ...
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How is the interesting tab on the front page of Stack Overflow populated? [duplicate]

What is the algorithm that determines what questions appear on the "interesting" tab of Stack Overflow?
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Why is StackOverflow's "Interesting" Question tab not present on more Stack Exchange sites?

In this blog post from 2010, Jeff Atwood revealed the recent redesign of the Stack Overflow homepage. In 2010, the homepage was changed to display a set of questions personalised to your preferences, ...
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What's the difference between questions link and stackoverflow link

What exactly is the difference between and links. I just noticed the Stack Overflow logo was a link but it seems to bring up a different ...
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Shouldn't the "bounty" system be built into Stack Overflow?

In light of the recent post - Laziness is rewarded big time by the reputation system, it got me thinking. Why do we need a bounty system? It is woo people into answering somebody's question. But isn'...
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Suggest questions the user can answer based on the user's history of asked, answer and voted questions and answers

I've been a Stack Overflow member for years now. I see my reputation go up every so often. I'd like to spend some time now and again answering questions, but I never find the questions that exploit ...
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