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Staging Ground Workflow: Canned Comments

Throughout this year, we’ve published several posts about different aspects of the Staging Ground. This post will focus specifically on canned comments that Reviewers can provide on the question. We ...
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Was this comment about question formatting meaningful? [duplicate]

My question is born from this thread: It regards the OP comment stating: Sample data is best served as DDL + DML. Please edit your question to include it, your current attempt and your desired ...
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Why should I "tag my RDBMS"?

I have a question about a SQL query, so I put a sql tag on it. In the comments, people are telling me to "tag my RDBMS". Why should I do that since I already tagged the programming language? (...
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Better support for sample data and perhaps table schemas in SQL questions

I've been around SO since almost the beginning, and in that time I've answered a LOT of SQL related questions. One point of pain in this area has always been posting sample data or query results. We'...
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Good examples of database questions providing some sample data in the question?

Model the Desired Behavior I would like some excellent examples I can point users to when they ask questions that provide little or no sample data, making them nearly impossible to answer. What are ...
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Should a self-answered canonical question be posted on Meta Stack Overflow instead of Stack Overflow?

I spend a lot of time in the sql-server tag and see a lot of questions that don't provide the basics, including: schema, dummy data and desired output. I decided to self-answer a question with a ...
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Discussion of the 'Why should I "tag my RDBMS"' FAQ proposal

Why should I "tag my RDBMS"? proposes adding a question to the FAQ about why users should tag their RDBMS when asking SQL questions. At the time that I post this, it's controversial - ...
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Is there any language-specific effort to better help new contributors asking questions?

We frequently ask new contributors to improve their questions to comply with How to ask and Minimal, complete, verifiable example. Those pages provide some basic advice and show what a good question ...
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Why does MCVE help page not explicitly address the providing of example data?

With How to create a MCVE we have a great help page for (new) users concerning how to produce a MCVE. However, the word "data" does not occur a single time. Perhaps it is intended to keep it very ...
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Custom post form for questions belonging to specific category

I'm a seasoned question answerer on Stack Overflow and tend to be a generalist towards the sql tag, occasionally answer to the regex and python tags. Everyday I scroll the questions thread and see ...
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