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Laziness is rewarded big time by the reputation system [duplicate]

Not a question, just an observation I made during my first year here on SE, especially Stack Overflow: When I run into a programming problem, I usually try to research a solution first, especially on ...
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Require clarification on the amount of research a question needs in order not to be closed [duplicate]

The question that is prompting my request is What is the difference between List.of and Arrays.asList?. This is the type of question that asks the most trivial question about a new feature, the type ...
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reputation system flawed [duplicate]

As you probably all know, the reputation system is kind of flawed. There are numerous posts and blogs complaining about this and analyzing in detail, so I'll skip it. Just a few minutes ago, I saw a ...
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Does this answer really deserve so many upvotes? [duplicate]

This answer has close to a hundred upvotes (at the time of this question, at least). It is a simple, obvious answer, which many other people have also given, but because it was the first answer to the ...
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Uninformative questions get lots of upvotes [duplicate]

Why do simple questions like this and this get so many upvotes? The titles of these questions are so specific that, in the future, no one would ever search fro this to find their answer, if they had a ...
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Huge upvotes on primitive questions with no research background [duplicate]

I have came across tons of questions having huge upvotes which ask about primitive features one can get from simple google search like this one for example which tempts users like me to ask such ...
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What makes a spectacular answer?

I've been using (playing) Stack Overflow for almost two years now. I love the community and I love the gamification aspect. I love the fact that Stack Overflow tries to reward it's users for being ...
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Lack of statistical normalization (in tag badges) of merit system penalizes effort in favor of popularity

I was taking a look at my progress towards a Bronze Badge in the tag known as durandal. I have a score of 32 on 44 answers against that tag. I have been answering questions in that tag for over a ...
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Is "famous question" a bit too easy?

I have five of these gold badges, seemingly without effort. One of them was a badly worded two sentence question closed as a duplicate, even :) Meanwhile, I've finally just received my first non-"...
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Users with only one question/answer shouldn't get all privileges

There are some users, that only answered one question that got really popular, but never logged in again. Those users shouldnt get the same priviledges others would get with lots of activity
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Should only great questions get great answers?

I'm sure we've all done this: you start answering a question, realise that you're going a bit beyond the scope of exactly what the OP needed to resolve their particular issue, but you keep going ...
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Vote system favors easy questions

I have observed, that the number of votes on an answer often is reciprocal to the research effort and competence needed to answer it. This has the following reasons: Questions on a broad subject, ...
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