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"Too minor" reason to reject an edit has been removed [duplicate]

Recently (but I admit I didn't review edits for some time) I noticed that "Too minor" reject reason for an editing has been dropped (specifically I was about to reject this edit). Now we have "No ...
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What is the current position on minor "correct" edits? [duplicate]

I see this question on meta seems to say that any minor edit that actually does improve the quality of the post should be accepted, and during reviewing I no longer see the ability to reject edits for ...
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Should edit rejection reasons be updated to encourage rejecting minor/trivial edits? [duplicate]

I think it is an ongoing problem that too many trivial edits which don't fully address the issues in a post are proposed. Related to this is that many of these trivial edits are accepted by reviewers. ...
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I started avoiding big tags on my questions, is that ok? [closed]

Big tags like C++, Java and JavaScript (I apologize to other big tags for mentioning them) seem to be so overwhelmed by both garbage and tangential questions. So to help followers and only attract ...
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Don't allow suggested edits to be "finished" while someone has clicked "improve"

If someone has clicked "improve" in the suggested edits queue, it should not be possible for the suggested edit to be approved until the person who's clicked improve has finished. Inspiration for ...
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Another suggested edit reject reason, when much of the post is left in a mess?

Can we have another suggested edit reject reason, when much of the post is left in a mess after the edit? example: This edit does not fix many issues within this post. I'm sure there's a better ...
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Request information on: "You have made too many incorrect reviews"

Recently I got a review ban for 3 days with error message: You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently. This edit is incorrect or an ...
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Capitalization edits of popular terms in question title as the only edit?

The exactly same edit suggestion on two different questions got rejected in the first one and accepted in the second. https://stackoverflow....
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What do I now do for a previously "too minor" edit?

I have been pointed to this post when I asked what happened to the "too minor" edit reject reason: Disappearance of "too minor" -- where is the relevant discussion? It of course links to: ...
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Are there "best practices" on how to review?

I'm doing reviews to the best of my knowledge. Yet, every now and then I don't know what I should do with a review. I skip those, but I've been looking around for "best practices" which I couldn't ...
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My edit was rejected because it "changed the original meaning or intent", but I was just reinforcing changes already made

I hope this link works, but here's the edit in question: All I did was move the OP's "Update" to the top and added a strikethrough to his ...
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How to act when I disagree with the rejection of my suggested edit?

I recently suggested an edit on a question, but the edit was rejected because... This edit did not correct critical issues with the post - view the revision history to see what should have been ...
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