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Do not remove "Does this answer your question?" comments when the OP says "No"

Catija wrote: The ["Does this answer your question? [Link to possible duplicate]"] comment was removed because the user disagreed that the duplicate you proposed answered their question and the ...
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Why did I not receive a notification for a ping in a comment in a question on Stack Overflow?

I was pinged by the OP in this question on Stack Overflow and did not receive the notification ping for it (in the dropdown for recent messages) in this commment by the OP, being: @FunkFortyNiner ...
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Do not delete comments when question is marked as duplicate

If a comment underneath a question contains a link to another question and the question is subsequently closed as duplicate of this question, the comment containing this link is automatically deleted. ...
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Do high privilege users have rights to delete comments?

I have commented on question with a link as it appears to be the duplicate of a previous asked question. After a few moments I got back to the question where I commented. A user with 50K reputation ...
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How to renew an old feature request?

This is a kind of meta meta question. I recently wrote this feature request Do not delete comments when question is marked as duplicate A similar request was brought up already 3 years ago in this ...
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Merge 'possible duplicate' comments and votes

I recently came across a question which had the following comments: Both links in the comments pointed to this question. Can we make it so that if the 'Possible duplicate' is the same as one which ...
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Should we change the description of spam? [duplicate]

The description of spam when you currently flag is 'Exits only to promote a product or service, does not disclose the author's affiliation', which does not cover simply random posts, such as: i love ...
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Make the automatic deletion of "possible duplicate of" comments more precise

Proposal: Change the criteria for automatic deletion of comments generated by duplicate votes so that only comments that begin exactly with "Possible duplicate of [link to a question]" are deleted. ...
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possible-duplicate comment removed even if not mentioned in the close reason

This question (which is about precision limits of floating point literals) was closed very incorrectly as a duplicate of this other question about truncating numbers (should I just hammer it open with ...
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When marking a question as duplicate last comment get removed surprisingly

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a part of marking duplication function, check out below screenshots to understood what I mean. This was the review task which I was checking, https://stackoverflow....