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Default to HTTPS links when using imgur links

I use the HTTPS Everywhere extension, and Chrome shows the security warning below: If you open the browser console you'll see that the culprit are imgur links. What is the state of HTTPS support? A ...
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Why don't Stack Overflow tag pages have a canonical link tag?

Stack Overflow is available with an HTTPS version, so by default Google will index the HTTPS version. Now the problem is all Stack Overflow questions do have a canonical link tag with HTTP (<...
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Consider redirecting to https by default? [duplicate]

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Why does Stack Overflow not force redirect to HTTPS? [duplicate]

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Getting logged out on switch to http

I get logged out (somewhat randomly or I haven't figured out all the cases) due to the switch from https to http. These are all caused by internal links (such as notifications). Which, I believe is ...
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