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HTTPS: It's time

Update: The network move has started, you can follow here: Network-wide HTTPS: It's time This is a heads up, and a request for help. HTTPS for our entire network is long overdue, but we've been ...
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When will we have HTTPS connections throughout Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

This is a semi-duplicate of redirects to insecure, but it has been deferred for ~2 years. It seems that HTTPS is now supposed to work on Stack ...
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Why doesn't Stack Overflow default to SSL? [duplicate]

Why doesn't redirect to Is there a reason SSL is not enforced?
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HTTPs by default [duplicate]

I am not sure how I missed this before, but when navigating to SO or other SE sites, it does not use HTTPs by default. Has this always been the case? Why does the site not redirect to HTTPs ...
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Autoload Stack Overflow on https [duplicate]

Why doesn't Stack Overflow loads on https automatically? I have to manually enter https every time I want to load https.
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Why doesn't Stack Exchange have an SSL certificate yet? [duplicate]

Stack Exchange is a pretty big thing on the Internet, yet I find no SSL on any of its websites, like Stack Overflow, Super User, etc. It seems ironic that Stack Overflow often helps people get going ...
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Logging on after going to redirects to http site [duplicate]

If I go to, then log in using Google, I am redirected to after I enter my Google credentials. Shouldn't SE sites respect my initial choice, and ...
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Make Stack Overflow use HTTPS always [duplicate]

I do notice that Stack Overflow (or rather, Stack Exchange in general) can be accessed with either http or https, why not make http redirect to https instead? Edit: Well, this works: https://addons....
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Meta SO link in main menu is http when viewing over https [duplicate]

The Meta Stack Overflow link on the main menu (the one that branches off from the main site link under "CURRENT COMMUNITY") shows up as an http link, even when using https on the main site, and all ...
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What's StackEgg? [closed]

This recently showed up on Stack Overflow. What does it mean? Why is this image showing here! What is StackEgg?
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UNIKONG development time

How many hours did you guys spend building UNIKONG? Someone had to ask. It would be nice to see a blog post on its development at some point. Must have been fun.
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Should flair provide HTTPS links by default?

I have seen default to HTTPS links when using Imgur links, redirects to insecure and HTTPS to Imgur?, but none of them really capture my question,...
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Salary and telephone number transmitted via plain text

The Job Match Preferences page asks for minimum salary and telephone number, but this information appears to be transmitting back via unencrypted http session. No, this is not a duplicate. We're ...
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412 views causes mixed content error on main site [closed]

It looks like there is an asset loaded from that is breaking the HTTPS configuration, causing the site to be flagged with the mixed content warning (hence downgraded to insecure). ...
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Improper HTTPS - Connection only partially encrypted [closed]

When I access Stack Overflow via HTTPS, my browser (Firefox) complains that not all elements (images) of the web page portal are loaded via HTTPS, leading to some insecurity. Can this be fixed please?
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