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Highlighting border for images [duplicate]

I regularly find questions on SO with bright images inlined which appear as if they are part of the layout. Actually I just came accross this. It bugs me a little and I think a highlighting border ...
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I have an answer to offer, but no one has asked for it yet

In the course of building my project, I discovered that it's possible to overload the addEventListener object - I've seen a few questions that asked the question about adding one eventListener to ...
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Why is a post with six recommended deletion votes still not deleted? [duplicate]

I see that this post review has six recommend deletion votes. I thought it would be deleted by now. Is there a reason it is not deleted? The review screen shot in case the post gets deleted:
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Image is not being resized appropriately on Internet Explorer 11

I am using Internet Explorer version 11.0.9600.18762. When I view certain questions in Meta Stack Overflow, such as this one, large images expand into the sidebar, which makes things almost ...
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Suggested edits queue: different number of buttons at different reviews

Preface: This is no question about the disappearence of "too minor". I'm fully aware of that fact. On some reviews I had this evening only the choice between Approve Reject Skip Those were not only ...
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Tag wiki suggested edit approved but tag wiki is still empty

Somebody suggested an edit for the google-widget tag wiki. Despite fitting one of the new reject reasons perfectly,* the edit was approved by three other reviewers. The same user also suggested an ...
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Account for " " in empty body check

I just saw someone answer a question, realise it was wrong and delete it. All fine, but they then edited the answer to simply be a sequence of   hence making the answer empty and as it was ...
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Can we have a button?

People really really really like abusing the <kbd> html element for quasi-buttons. The <kbd> element is supposed to be used in situations where we want to signify a keyboard key (e.g. ...
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Making images stand out more

When an image is posted, I want it to stand out. Some solutions would be to add a shadow to the image, but this is taking a too long time or does not produce the right effect. As an example, if my ...
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Large image nested in a <kbd> tag overflows, in Firefox only

I came across this question, and it looked bad, since the image overflows to the right (I've edited and fixed it now). If I remove the <kbd> </kbd> tags surrounding the image, It is sized ...
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