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Stack Snippets Sandbox - Try It Out Here!

This post is dedicated to testing out the newly announced Stack Snippets feature. Feel free to answer with your own Stack Snippets, and have some fun!
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Something in my web site or project doesn't work. Can I just paste a link to it?

I have a CSS, HTML, or JavaScript problem on a website I'm working on. I would like to just describe the problem and paste a link to the external site in question. Can I do this instead of posting ...
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How do I include code for JSFiddle?

I tried to submit a post with a link to code on and it says: Links to must be accompanied by code...For more editing help, click the [?] toolbar icon. I didn't see anything ...
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Stack Snippets being misused

Not long after the general introduction of Stack Snippets, there are already some posts that use them wrongly. Today I came across a question with a stack-snippet containing CasperJS code which is ...
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Feature Request: Language support for "Stack Snippets" [duplicate]

I was looking through this question on Meta, and I saw this comment. The comment says: Added some notes to the post. (1) It's JS/CSS/HTML right now because that was the easiest. If it's successful we ...
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use to add snippets for more languages

Now that we have snippets (which are awesome), I would like to suggest we use to add support for more languages that are not just web-related. I know snippets just started, so implementing a ...
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Support running snippets in languages other than just JavaScript

From the Snippets Announcement Why? Every question is better for having minimal, reproducible code. ... Similarly, answers that include runnable code are easier to use and understand, because you can ...
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Add Stack Snippet (Code Snippet) Documentation to Help Center and/or Editing Help

I saw the new code snippet feature on the site and wanted to create one in an answer, but didn't see how. I expected to find the answer in the Editing Help, but didn't, so I went to the Help Center ...
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How to add SVG picture in Question or Answer on StackOverflow site? [duplicate]

On StackOverflow sites, is it possible to add an SVG image in a post? If so, how?
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Is there a magic link for [snippet]? [duplicate]

Is there a page I can direct users to, giving information on how to create code snippets? I've found this one, but it's a bit old and doesn't reflect the current layout/options. Is there a magic ...
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Use of CodeSandbox vs built-in code snippets

Getting really annoying to see a lot more questions using codesandbox like this one: Material UI transition out and in on single button click Why aren't they using the built-in code snippets? There's ...
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Can code-only answers be high quality?

I don't like asking about audits, because it sounds like complaining, but I'm not sure about this: I've been review-banned once, and I haven't failed any audits since then (a few weeks ago), but I ...
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Are 10K users less gullible?

In Stack Snippets Sandbox, Pacerier posted an answer to demonstrate that code snippets can be used to do phishing attacks. See his explanation. For those who don't have 10K, the post says that if you ...
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Does Stack Overflow have an "echo page" to test AJAX requests, inside a code snippet?

Stack Overflow allows you to insert code snippets both in question and answer's bodies. Does it provide a way to test AJAX requests in a way similar to what jsfiddle does (docs)? It provides an echo ...
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Why is JSFiddle used so much among questions and answers?

I was just curious: why do we use JSFiddle within questions and answers, as it is a 3rd party website? Does anybody have an update on this?

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