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Probable vote-up privilege bug on SO [duplicate]

I joined SO yesterday. I have 13 reputation (as of now when I an writing this post). Today, when I opened my account, it showed me +12 on the Achievements tab. I says that I have got the privilege of ...
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What if I change my choice for the accepted answer, move the green tick, and remove my earlier upvote? [duplicate]

Let’s say I post a question and a user answers it. I then mark it as the accepted answer and upvote it. What happens to the user reputation if I remove the green tick from his/her answer and remove ...
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Reputation decreased by more than 2600 points. How I can find the reason for this? [duplicate]

I have been a Stack Overflow volunteer for more than 9 years and over the years I have built up a reputation of almost 10,000. Suddenly my reputation decreased by 2600+ for no apparent reason. How can ...
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Why are my reputation points reduced every day without showing any message? [duplicate]

For the last two weeks my reputation points has been reduced by day by day (small amounts max 11) without showing any message (so I think only the top level users can help me because I don't have any ...
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Undoing acceptance of an answer. Does it affect the reputation of the user who has answered? [duplicate]

If a questioner, at some point in time, feels that a provided answer does not fit to the scenario or the code has some bug, then: Is it alright to unaccept the answer (my main concern)? If yes, then ...
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Why did I gain +1 reputation because of "removed"? What was removed? [duplicate]

I got +1 today because "removed". I haven't seen this kind of change before; why did I get +1?
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How can I learn more about a deleted question? [duplicate]

I noticed the following. I vaguely recall that question but not more that that. However, I don't understand why I'm getting +2 for its removal. I'm not clear why it's been removed. And I definitely ...
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Negative reputation received for a post I didn't make [duplicate]

I just logged on and check my account to see that I have received -2 reputation because a post has been removed, however I did not create the post. I can safely say that I have never posted anything ...
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My reputation has decreased [duplicate]

When I check my profile few days ago, my reputation was over 60 (I guess it was 61). But now my reputation is 57 only. I checked “reputation” and “summary” tabs in my profile page. But I can’t see any ...
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Does StackOverflow penalize you by not entering the site daily? [duplicate]

I got a problem with stackoverflow, I've noticed that if I spent more than two days without participating actively on the site (reviewing posts, voting down up, answering questions) my reputation ...
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What is an up-vote worth in reputation? [duplicate]

Today, I got two upvotes on the same thing (which was several months old). One of them gave me ten points and the other five points. Why is that? P.S. "Related" is not the same as "duplicate," and "...
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How did I lose 13 reputation points? [duplicate]

A few minutes ago I was on the site with 1,192 reputation points. I just came back and I lost 13 points already!! How could this happen? I didn't downvote 13 answers, and I don't see anyone has ...
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Strange behavior in reputation system? [duplicate]

I'm witnessing some strange behavior in regards to my reputation. One hour ago, my reputation was at 18,950 points. Then I answered this (fairly trivial) question and the following happened: It got ...
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Reputation decreased because of downvote without actual downvote [duplicate]

This is my first post in here so please excuse me for any lack of knowledge, but here's a problem I'm facing : I got a -2 reputation change yesterday and my profile says it's because of a downvote. ...
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Can't find the reason for losing 8 rep points. How can I find the reason? [duplicate]

I was away for few days and left my browser opened on Stack Overflow - my reputation was 2240 points. When I returned (~14 days), I've refreshed my browser (using F5) and saw my reputation went down ...
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