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When is using another poster's content plagiarism?

Is it considered plagiarism on Stack Overflow to take material from another answer on the same question and reuse it with modifications? Details I recently answered a question which had been partially ...
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How to handle copy-and-pasted Answers from dupes

I came accross yet another floating point question, which is now closed as a duplicate. A user answered this question by litterally just copy and pasting the accepted answer from the "canonical" ...
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How to handle a copy cat that eventually edits their way to an "original" answer?

I've read When is using an other poster's content plagiarism and Copy-pasting the contents of another answer to the same question — with attribution. While they address the ideas of plagiarism, my ...
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Changes to discourage plagiarism

A large number of contributors have contributed high quality posts over the years on Stack Overflow, and the community collectively moderates to keep the standards of the site high. However, some ...
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Should I flag an answer that basically just links to my answer?

I posted an answer to a question. Now I saw that another user post another answer, which basically just links to my answer. The user's answer is: Here is a one-liner (stolen from Jonathan Mee's ...
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Is it acceptable to edit an answer and add a solution which mirrors another within the same question?

TL;DR: The question is about users editing their existing answer to suggest an approach which (a) mirrors another answer to the same question (long after the other one has been posted) and (b) is ...
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How to handle answers which copy its whole content from another answer with proper attribution

Today while browsing the android tag I came across this answer which essentially just copied its whole content from this answer. The text from the other answer is quoted and there is a link to the ...
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What are we doing against answer-plagiarism?

Purpose of the post: To know what the community do Bringing to meta as per this I answered a question in SO which is an easy solution(if not the simplest). There was already an answer resolving the ...
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How should an answer be edited if a lower scored answer has an important improvement in it

Declaration of interest: this concerns an answer I wrote. In PHP and Enumerations there is a very highly voted answer, it's the top answer, and it is, in my opinion, quite a good answer. However, it ...
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Copied answer closed on similar questions, despite answer being correct

So the other day I was looking into a good way of injecting some asp mvc action into an id'd container. I've done some browsing through google with There were multiple similar ...
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How should answers that are cited, yet exact copies of other answers be handled? [duplicate]

I flagged an answer yesterday that was cited as an exact copy of an answer to the duplicate question as "not an answer", but my flag was declined as there was "no supporting evidence". The answer ...
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