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Discussing questions outside the forum and use votes

We are a team working together and all of us are active in SO. Sometimes we tend to discuss SO questions/answers among ourselves and might use up/down votes for the questions/answers of the team ...
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Why was this answer down-voted? [closed]

Down-voted answer It's a genuine answer from a newbie trying to help. Surely that shouldn't get a minus score? How else will ai learn?
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This question of mine was downvoted, but I read rules and think it fits them [duplicate]

EDIT: I'm not complaining for it, I'm politely asking if it fits rules or not, please just comment without touching that downvote button... EDIT 2: My question is different that the previous one, ...
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10 Million Questions - Let's Share Some Stories That the Number Doesn't Convey [closed]

Have a look at this Meta post for the current status of your swag! It's easy to look at numbers; numbers tell us that many developers have been helped by what we built. That alone is very warming and ...
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I think this old, deleted question should be undeleted and historically locked instead This question has 27,000 views and a score of over 700. Typically, such questions ...
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Why was this question put on hold, and how would I disagree? [duplicate]

This question may not be for everyone, but it received two answers which should have helped the OP. But then, six hours later, it was put on hold. I just don't see what this accomplishes -- it seems ...
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Why is a post with six recommended deletion votes still not deleted? [duplicate]

I see that this post review has six recommend deletion votes. I thought it would be deleted by now. Is there a reason it is not deleted? The review screen shot in case the post gets deleted:
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What to do with close/open 'wars'?

This question: has recently seen a flood of close/reopen/undelete etc votes (it was posted in a blog post and ...
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How could I have made this a better question?

I am clearly still struggling to learn the art of asking a really good question. I asked what I thought was a very good question. One where I am going to try something but I am unclear what would be ...
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Someone continuously down-voting my questions

On March 13 I wrote this answer on a question and @2dee commented on my answer and was asking for proof of what I have said in my answer, but at that moment I couldn't find the proof so I told them ...
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Modding questions by high rep users, is discouraging, unjust, unfair and needs to be revised [closed]

By searching deeply through SOF, you may notice there're ridiculous, funny questions which are not modded, downgraded, closed, hold or whatever. Also you can see several good questions (If not good, ...
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Add Feature to Report an Answer as "Provably Incorrect"

There is one thing that drives me absolutely crazy on this site more than any other: answers to algorithm questions that are provably incorrect. Many times, these answers actually have up-votes, ...
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Why did my question receive a close vote?

Concerning the following question: Is using variants in vba bad for performance? My question received a close vote due to it being too broad. In my opinion, the question was rather straightforward. ...
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Clean up "looking for [something]" questions

As of right now, there are 6246 open questions that contain the phrase "looking for" in their title. Some of them include: Looking for OCaml IDE
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I lost 2 points of reputation because of someone's opinion that doesn't even answer my question? [duplicate]

This community seems great. There are, however, ignoramuses here too. Here's the link to my latest question: logcat reports no such table I've seen questions where people show you how to look at ...
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