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Is it good that they closed a question with more upvotes than downvotes, and 3 "favourite question" marks? [duplicate]

My question received 3 "favourite question" marks for the first 3 hours after it was published. On the other hand, Stack Overflow is flooded with questions like: "below is my code, why doesn't it ...
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Answered original of question duplicated by OP, how to proceed?

Two days ago, I answered a question to the best of my abilities. I did not receive any response on it, but thought I should give OP some time. Today, I was wondering if it would be appropriate to ...
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What do I when you got a question ban after a vote down rush? [duplicate]

I was able to post a question, but someone disliked three of my OLD questions, so I can't ask a question any more. Just look at the screen and you will see that someone searched for my old topic to ...
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My answer is right but I took a vote down by moderator

This is the question Now. Not to be ridiculous, also because, probably, do not know fully the rules. Could it be two points down in my small reputation that change my day. This I also need to ...
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Marked as Answered however people keep down-voting my answer [duplicate]

As you can see here, recently someone asked a vague question which I tried to answer as best I could. Clearly it helped the OP as he marked it answered, however I am getting down-votes on this answer. ...
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Revert bounty on an unanswerable question?

My title might be a little bit clickbait-y, since I probably already know the answer, but as I am not sure, I still want to ask my question. I've had a problem with Android Studio closing my open ...
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My post just got heavily downvoted, but I think it was a good question; now what?

I recently had an issue that I have been struggling to track down for quite some time. It's somewhat sporadic and I haven't been able to reproduce it, but I was able to get a core and track it down ...
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How can I improve this question? Better tagging, perhaps?

I asked a well-formed and clear question (in my opinion, that is), but the community thought -3, and I got confused. I get that there's some cranky folks out there so -1 is nothing to nag about, but ...
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Apparently awful question — how do I improve it?

I asked this question, which has received 6 down-votes so far, and (frustratingly), nothing indicating what might be wrong with it as a question. Six downvotes is more than just one guy having a bad ...
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Are there any abnormal vote activities in this question?

I was browsing questions that generated reversal badge and found a question which has a surprising high score currently (timeline given): and a more ...
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Is a question about why a question is downvoted legitimate in meta?

Can one ever legitimately ask why a question is downvoted/put on hold/closed here? I've tried to ignore the occasional downvotes and question closures I get (not very many, thankfully), but it's been ...
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When is it appropriate to unleash the meta effect?

I wanted to answer a question, but before I could, the OP deleted it. They had posted an answer themselves first, and then deleted the question. But the answer wasn't any good and I knew a better one. ...
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How do I get people to vote on my questions?

Looking through my post history, it appears I have a bunch of questions posted that have 0 votes. This is leading to what I believe is a premature, even if justified, judgment of my ability to ...
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Direct answers vs. good practices [duplicate]

Yesterday I came up with this post I answered. I write answers made of what I considered better pratices than the OP was using because he didn't seemed really sure about it. Basically instead ...
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Flagged to get obsolete question deleted, flag rejected - What would have been a better way?

I flagged this since the asker could not be bothered to delete it after having found the mistake in a completely different place.
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