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Is it offensive/rude to vent about or insult a product or library?

A question in a tag that I follow had some "color commentary". Excerpts from this revision for context (please be wary of the meta effect before voting or intervening too harshly): Title: &...
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What makes a question "low quality"?

This is relating to the "StackOverflow is unwelcoming" debate going on. Someone on this question within meta.stackexchange said: [I]n the end it boils down to the quality of the post, not the ...
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Where is the right place to ask for advice about what is wrong with questions?

The last 2 questions I have asked got downvoted very quickly and I have no idea what is wrong with them. Downvoted questions are less likely to get answers because people won't even read them. If ...
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Is this question closeworthy? [duplicate]

So I came across this question today and was suprised to see it with three upvotes and two upvoted answers. Initially I edited the question because it was confusing the IDE (Visual Studio) for the ...
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More reputations for question and answer edits

I think you'd agree that to keep the high-standard this site has, editors, are also a part who are significant contributors. Editing is hard, usually for non-Native English speakers like me, though I ...
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Do we give insufficient feedback to users of closed questions?

This is about this question of mine: How to implement common bash idioms in Python?. It is probably a bit of a rant but I wanted to post it anyway in the hope that it might cause discussion. My main ...
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Should questions be edited with meta information to direct future readers?

In this answer to a recent meta question, the suggestion was made to edit in clarification to a question in order to draw readers attention to a non-accepted answer which, while it doesn't address the ...
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Why was the question about revenge downvote deleted by a moderator?

There was a question about a specific instance of commenting and revenge downvotes (screenshot) that was up for more than a day and generated some interesting answers and discussion. If it violated ...
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Answer pointing to open-source library on question about library was deleted by a mod [duplicate]

Background: I needed to consume Server-Sent Events from java, preferably with RxJava, for an Android application that I am developing. Naturally, I turned to Google and to StackOverflow to find if ...
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Is general technically correct advice a good answer?

This is the question: Java - Check if a string only contains symbols What's a good method for checking if a string only contains symbols. i.e. if one of my properties only contains a "%" or "--...
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Flagging a post as a duplicate should cost reputation points

As of now one of the ways to perform a point-free aggressive action against a poster is to flag the post as a duplicate leaving one more avenue that opens the system to abuse. There should be a speed-...
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Is it appropriate to invite scrutiny of a highly up-voted, disputed answer?

This is an attempt to invite a canonical answer to the question in the title. Context: How to handle historical, highly upvoted but completely incorrect answers is a related, open-ended questions, ...
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Should I delete my (unaccepted) answer to a very esoteric question?

I proposed an answer to an esoteric question to a tag that doesn't get a ton of traffic. The asker didn't accept the answer; in fact he almost seems to want to have a debate in the comments why it ...
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Question wrong but my edit was rejected

I was trying to answer this question, while answering I changed my answer after a back and forth in the comments with the OP. My answer was fine now but the post itself made little sense (the OP ...
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Unsure about this review audit [duplicate]

I failed a review audit just now, although I disagree with the outcome. I voted to close for Off Topic > Why isn't this code working: Questions ...
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