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Automatically raise flag when using "Share feedback" option

When reviewing, I'm using a lot of time the "Share feedback" choice. I see a lot of questions that are: not updated not answered bad (need code/focus/...) few views And with comments that ...
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Most appropriate way to write long questions with tests?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Functions for a search tree where each node has three children (similar to BST) - Python I want to know if my above question has been written properly. ...
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Why did my question get closed? I believe it's high-quality but it was closed/downvoted very quickly

I asked a question I thought was very good quality, and it received two downvotes and two close votes without any explanation. I have answered/asked/voted a lot, and this recent interaction was ...
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Answers with large amounts of code (whole scripts)

I answered a question (since closed: "This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers," and deleted) a little while ago, and it really is a good answer, because ...
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What is the recommended way of dealing with old (then on-topic) question with a bounty?

I posted a question about MD5 hash collision back in 2014. As far as I know questions about algorithms are on-topic on Stack Overflow, and the cryptography tag did not have the warning "...
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What should I do about a bad question that cannot be improved?

I asked a question based on a wrong premise I got from Google searches (with search terms driven by wrong assumptions). I do regret not looking up documentation before asking. Now the question is ...
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How could I have written this question to avoid the immediate downvote and close vote?

Within minutes of posting my question it was downvoted and a vote was cast to close the question. The downvoter has left no feedback to explain their actions so I'm asking here what I could do to ...
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Is this question "off-topic"? [closed]

Regarding Stack Overflow question How can I include multiple patterns with Info-Zip, 7-Zip, or Tar?: This is a programming-related question. I'm using command-line tools in a program, because ...
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Why do I get downvotes on this question? [duplicate]

I don't care whether I am upvoted or downvoted as long as it is justified. But now I'm annoyed because a question was downvoted. Perhaps because a question is "too stupid" for someone or it ...
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How does one distinguish typos from coding errors in questions?

(Latest update: Well, folks, this already becomes a holy war. I like the answer given by Ryan M below together with my response to him in the comments. At least, it works for me. So I suggest ...
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Can someone help me understand how to improve this post?

This post was deleted. I still think it is a useful question and a useful answer. Some respondents were confused by ...
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Is there some kind of special scrutiny near 20k?

I started a few weeks ago to have my questions systematically downvoted (last one was a moment ago). It is quite weird because their quality was maybe never stellar (though I always make efforts to ...
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Should posts that are actively being discussed on Meta be temporarily exempt from deletion?

When a question on the Main site is brought up for discussion on Meta, I add the following comment on the Main question This question is being discussed on Meta. (the link is to the actual question ...
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What to do with a user who downvotes answer which seems correct? [duplicate]

Recently, I've answered a specific question, with a request that could be answered fairly easy. At first the question seemed correct and well targeted, so I answered it, with good will. There was even ...
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Should I delete my off-topic question? [closed]

My question appears to be off-topic. I want to delete it to avoid directing people toward a cul de sac question. However, we are warned not to delete questions... How should I proceed?
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