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How do I edit my question about pycord bot.get_channel?

How do I edit the question Why does bot.get_channel() produce NoneType?? Background I'm trying to get out of a question ban, and I've realized it is futile to edit unsalvageable posts. So, instead, I'...
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How can I remove an answered question which is receiving a lot of downvotes?

I have recently posted two questions: one on SO and one on Meta. One of the users started to abuse me and I received a lot of downvotes. I deleted my meta question, but it was undeleted and still ...
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Are deleted questions actually salvageable?

I'm currently under a five-day question ban. It hinders my learning progress. I have so much more questions to ask! As I understand, it's because some of my questions were downvoted, though I'm not ...
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Long thread of discussion between 2 persons and multiple edits awaits approval [closed]

I am trying to help someone with this question. It was a bit unclear at first but I managed to help a little bit by asking a lot of questions in the comments and by making multiple edits. My last edit ...
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Reopen closed questions? [duplicate]

Recently, I found this post, which is very similar to an issue I'm working on. Unfortunately, the information in that post wasn't enough to resolve my issue. My reputation isn't high enough to add ...
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How can I improve the question to get it re-opened?

Referring to this question (now deleted): C# how to inherit from multiple base classes without interfaces I wrote the question today. It got almost immediately downvoted and closed because it "...
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How am I supposed to get good votes?

When I'm asking a question, it's because I don't know the answer. But what shall I do if everything I ask because I don't know the answer gets downvoted? I never get upvotes on my questions, but what ...
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Is a question asking for good ways to do something really opinion-based?

After several questions were deservedly closed when the poster couldn't act within the normal community guidelines, I asked a question which I thought should be better-received and which addressed ...
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How can I improve this question I have at hand?

So I have this question which I have tried to improve so many times, that it feels like I am holding a monologue at this point. I also mentioned this question here. But everything I ever got, apart ...
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Two questions with similar stats - one can be deleted by the owner, another cannot

Yesterday I answered a question. Today OP commented - "you realy helpt me" - and then deleted the post. The question has zero score and 1 answer (mine) also with zero score and not accepted. ...
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Should I flag one of the 2 answers of this question as plagiarism?

I came across this question and 2 answers to the question in one of my review queues. Notice that they ...
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Why was my question edited for style? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question and it was edited within about 15 minutes for what are essentially stylistic word choices, mostly making the wording slightly more concise. Is this standard practice that ...
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Was this question about pngquant alternatives and image optimization in PHP correctly closed?

I posted this question about a PHP alternative to pngquant I used to use pngquant to optimize images uploaded to our website, works fantastic. But our new server has shell_execute and similar ...
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Why is my question repeatedly being closed?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: MacOS, Swift, Cocoa - how do i put my window in front of the screensaver, and full screen applications? The question I am trying to post keeps getting ...
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Feature request - Non-Popping Bounty [closed]

The current policy about bounties doesn't really make sense or at least the terminology is simply wrong. In my opinion Stack Overflow is more like a bulletin board instead of a market with its own ...
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