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Why was my question deleted after posting the following META question 10 minutes ago? [duplicate]

So I posted a question in May 14th (over 3 months ago), which, as of literally 8 minutes ago, had received 3 downvotes. Most of these downvotes were from May. Here used to be the question: https://...
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Why is posting on meta a disaster? [duplicate]

Look below is a screenshot of how I am losing points every day. All I can say is you may say posting here does not reduce the points. But here is proof that you guys don't take kindly to suggestions/...
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My question has been deleted. It was new and unresolved. Why? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Are complex javascript URLs not supported when following links? I posted a question here on meta asking why my question had been closed. That meta ...
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10 Million Questions - Let's Share Some Stories That the Number Doesn't Convey [closed]

Have a look at this Meta post for the current status of your swag! It's easy to look at numbers; numbers tell us that many developers have been helped by what we built. That alone is very warming and ...
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Impose a 24 hour voting freeze on questions being discussed on Meta

The "Meta Effect" is well known. Not a week goes by where a valid question is asked on Meta, and Meta users flock to Stack Overflow to upvote or downvote that question. It's even getting to the point ...
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What should I do if my question has been completely ignored?

My question has been completely ignored. It has <20 views after 2 weeks, no downvotes, upvotes, comments, interactions whatsoever. I know I could just set up a bounty, but I was wondering why ...
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Should we stop making martyrs of highly controversial opinionated posts?

I am referring to the recent hot topic in particular: Is downvoting harmful and should it be removed completely? (Screenshot of the latest revision for <10k users, in case the question is deleted). ...
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I answered a question, he accepted it, and then he deleted the question!

I spent a lot of time on this question: Open links in new tabs - greasemonkey script He was happy, he thanked me, wished me happy new year, and gave me the answer, and I earned 15 points. One minute ...
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How does one distinguish typos from coding errors in questions?

(Latest update: Well, folks, this already becomes a holy war. I like the answer given by Ryan M below together with my response to him in the comments. At least, it works for me. So I suggest ...
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Why are proposed changes to voting, which limit or remove the use of downvotes, met with strong disagreement?

The comments and answers on many proposals to change the way voting works on Stack Overflow indicate there are strong opinions against many of these changes, mainly because such proposals alter the ...
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Should I be worried if I most of my questions stay at 0 votes?

Most of my questions stay at 0 upvotes. I'm fine with that, but I'm worried that I'm doing something wrong. I try to make sure that all of my questions are: Given descriptive titles Well Written ...
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Is there some kind of special scrutiny near 20k?

I started a few weeks ago to have my questions systematically downvoted (last one was a moment ago). It is quite weird because their quality was maybe never stellar (though I always make efforts to ...
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Getting to Know Stack Overflow's Voting Culture

There are few topics more controversial than voting, either on the Main site or here on Meta. Whether expressed in rants on Meta or rants in comments, users frequently get angry, confused and ...
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Why did my question get closed? I believe it's high-quality but it was closed/downvoted very quickly

I asked a question I thought was very good quality, and it received two downvotes and two close votes without any explanation. I have answered/asked/voted a lot, and this recent interaction was ...
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Answers with large amounts of code (whole scripts)

I answered a question (since closed: "This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers," and deleted) a little while ago, and it really is a good answer, because ...
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Why was the question about revenge downvote deleted by a moderator?

There was a question about a specific instance of commenting and revenge downvotes (screenshot) that was up for more than a day and generated some interesting answers and discussion. If it violated ...
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Why was this not-an-answer flag declined?

I flagged this answer as not an answer: Visit this link will help you as a beginner. Result: "declined - a moderator ...
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My custom flag to delete an answer that only provides redundant insights was declined

I flagged for a moderator to delete this post with the following custom message: This is the correct answer to a different question. This question is pertaining to php not js. This answer should be ...
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What to do with close/open 'wars'?

This question: has recently seen a flood of close/reopen/undelete etc votes (it was posted in a blog post and ...
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Should posts that are actively being discussed on Meta be temporarily exempt from deletion?

When a question on the Main site is brought up for discussion on Meta, I add the following comment on the Main question This question is being discussed on Meta. (the link is to the actual question ...
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Should I flag one of the 2 answers of this question as plagiarism?

I came across this question and 2 answers to the question in one of my review queues. Notice that they ...
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Downvotes and false accusations of using ChatGPT: how do I handle it?

I am a new contributor who joined yesterday. I have answered some questions, but some people accused me of using ChatGPT when answering questions. I take the time to read the documentation and I give ...
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Clean up "looking for [something]" questions

As of right now, there are 6246 open questions that contain the phrase "looking for" in their title. Some of them include: Looking for OCaml IDE
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When is it appropriate to unleash the meta effect?

I wanted to answer a question, but before I could, the OP deleted it. They had posted an answer themselves first, and then deleted the question. But the answer wasn't any good and I knew a better one. ...
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Flagging a post as a duplicate should cost reputation points

As of now one of the ways to perform a point-free aggressive action against a poster is to flag the post as a duplicate leaving one more avenue that opens the system to abuse. There should be a speed-...
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Is a question asking for good ways to do something really opinion-based?

After several questions were deservedly closed when the poster couldn't act within the normal community guidelines, I asked a question which I thought should be better-received and which addressed ...
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This question was perhaps erroneously deleted by a ♦ moderator

This question was deleted by a ♦ mod as "off-topic" on the 18th of February: jwt: 'module' object has no attribute 'encode' Having encountered this exact issue today I found both ...
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Why is a post with six recommended deletion votes still not deleted? [duplicate]

I see that this post review has six recommend deletion votes. I thought it would be deleted by now. Is there a reason it is not deleted? The review screen shot in case the post gets deleted:
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Is a question about why a question is downvoted legitimate in meta?

Can one ever legitimately ask why a question is downvoted/put on hold/closed here? I've tried to ignore the occasional downvotes and question closures I get (not very many, thankfully), but it's been ...
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How could I have made this a better question?

I am clearly still struggling to learn the art of asking a really good question. I asked what I thought was a very good question. One where I am going to try something but I am unclear what would be ...
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What should I do about a bad question that cannot be improved?

I asked a question based on a wrong premise I got from Google searches (with search terms driven by wrong assumptions). I do regret not looking up documentation before asking. Now the question is ...
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Most appropriate way to write long questions with tests?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Functions for a search tree where each node has three children (similar to BST) - Python I want to know if my above question has been written properly. ...
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Why is this (heavily downvoted) question got deleted despite numerous answers with very positive votes?

Refer to this question Finding the maximum value of an array which has now been closed and deleted. As an unfortunate consequence of being deleted, it is now visible to only users with 10K reputation. ...
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What makes a question "low quality"?

This is relating to the "StackOverflow is unwelcoming" debate going on. Someone on this question within meta.stackexchange said: [I]n the end it boils down to the quality of the post, not the ...
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(Why) are high rep users discouraged from asking questions?

After posting a question on main (the current revision, the original revision) that as far as I can tell is a clear and on-topic question, there followed 5 downvotes, 3 close votes, and some comments ...
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Any way to fight downvotes spam? [closed]

Just noticed that someone downvoted a question and all 5 answers which all are basically correct: Is there any ...
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Why isn't it good to ask multiple questions and answers in one question? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Detailed information about java gui programming, direct3d, opengl Why do these kind of questions get downvoted? I made it so many people can access it ...
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My post just got heavily downvoted, but I think it was a good question; now what?

I recently had an issue that I have been struggling to track down for quite some time. It's somewhat sporadic and I haven't been able to reproduce it, but I was able to get a core and track it down ...
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I have a question about my Stack Overflow post

but I forgot to add any details. So now you down, close and delete voted my last hope on any help. We've all seen those posts. It is this back alley that allows users that lack the reputation to ...
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An instance of moderators not honoring their own advice with respect to meta commentary

tl;dr Specific advice was given by the moderator team (as a whole, anonymously). When that advice was subsequently followed, a specific moderator's action explicitly undid it on a specific post, and ...
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Why was my question edited for style? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question and it was edited within about 15 minutes for what are essentially stylistic word choices, mostly making the wording slightly more concise. Is this standard practice that ...
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Why is this question massively down-voted? [duplicate]

What is the purpose of variable sz in this routine? I think, this is one kind of abuse of people's rights. The following routine subtract the mean value from the image making it sharper. ...
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How am I supposed to get good votes?

When I'm asking a question, it's because I don't know the answer. But what shall I do if everything I ask because I don't know the answer gets downvoted? I never get upvotes on my questions, but what ...
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Why is my question repeatedly being closed?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: MacOS, Swift, Cocoa - how do i put my window in front of the screensaver, and full screen applications? The question I am trying to post keeps getting ...
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Bring downvote limits and possible reversals in line with the system auto flags and downvote/delete votes and incentivise positive contributions

TL;DR After considerable downvotes, a question gets improves to no longer warrant the downvotes but they are rarely reverse since users move on. How can we prevent this situation or encourage users to ...
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A user is making death threats

Got an account making death threats, they have had one post closed already but the latest one is still hanging around. I would have thought one death threat would be enough to ban them, anyone with a ...
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How can I improve this question? Better tagging, perhaps?

I asked a well-formed and clear question (in my opinion, that is), but the community thought -3, and I got confused. I get that there's some cranky folks out there so -1 is nothing to nag about, but ...
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Why have I been downvoted for asking a genuine question, which I couldn't find answer for anywhere else? [duplicate]

I asked this question yesterday - Create SQL row from one variable in C#. In my opinion it was a genuine, beforehand researched, well formatted and grammatically correct question. When I opened it ...
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What practical and reasonable options does the community have in order to avoid (if desired) the so called 'meta effect'?

I recently searched here on meta for possibilities to avoid the meta effect and couldn't find any articles that would address/contain reasonable proposals. So here's, or rather are my question(s): ...
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Why are questions on Meta about improving questions on the main site, themselves usually poorly received?

I have noticed a common pattern: Someone's question(s) on the main site is/are not well received That person comes to Meta to ask about how to improve the question(s), perhaps due to seeing a ...
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