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I Have Edited my Question Can You Please Re-open It?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Send Email with Credential Already Entered in Batch File I have edited my question and I would like my question to be reopened so I can find out the ...
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Long thread of discussion between 2 persons and multiple edits awaits approval [closed]

I am trying to help someone with this question. It was a bit unclear at first but I managed to help a little bit by asking a lot of questions in the comments and by making multiple edits. My last edit ...
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Discussing questions outside the forum and use votes

We are a team working together and all of us are active in SO. Sometimes we tend to discuss SO questions/answers among ourselves and might use up/down votes for the questions/answers of the team ...
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Modding questions by high rep users, is discouraging, unjust, unfair and needs to be revised [closed]

By searching deeply through SOF, you may notice there're ridiculous, funny questions which are not modded, downgraded, closed, hold or whatever. Also you can see several good questions (If not good, ...
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My post keeps getting downvoted for no obvious reason

I am not very active on my Stack Overflow account and recently asked a question: Mix multiple audios into one with ffmpeg The question got downvoted to -5, without getting any feedback or answers. In ...
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Question was put on-hold and now I have the answer code to post [duplicate]

I had a tough question that was put on hold, but I added clarifications and sample code to improve. I have sinced worked out a complete solution and would like to post the answering code since other ...
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How do I get a moderator's attention? [closed]

I have a question about the bounty I put on one of my recent questions. I added the following comment underneath the question: Mods: i just answered my own bounty i get my bounty back?...
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I lost 2 points of reputation because of someone's opinion that doesn't even answer my question? [duplicate]

This community seems great. There are, however, ignoramuses here too. Here's the link to my latest question: logcat reports no such table I've seen questions where people show you how to look at ...
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What to do with a user who downvotes answer which seems correct? [duplicate]

Recently, I've answered a specific question, with a request that could be answered fairly easy. At first the question seemed correct and well targeted, so I answered it, with good will. There was even ...
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Request to re-open a simple Verilog question

$display vs $strobe vs $monitor in verilog? Verilog is very much on-topic as a language, and I see nothing to suggest this question is off-topic. A closure reason given by dave_59 I'm voting to ...
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