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Should I delete my (unaccepted) answer to a very esoteric question?

I proposed an answer to an esoteric question to a tag that doesn't get a ton of traffic. The asker didn't accept the answer; in fact he almost seems to want to have a debate in the comments why it ...
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Are there any abnormal vote activities in this question?

I was browsing questions that generated reversal badge and found a question which has a surprising high score currently (timeline given): and a more ...
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Answer pointing to open-source library on question about library was deleted by a mod [duplicate]

Background: I needed to consume Server-Sent Events from java, preferably with RxJava, for an Android application that I am developing. Naturally, I turned to Google and to StackOverflow to find if ...
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Two questions with similar stats - one can be deleted by the owner, another cannot

Yesterday I answered a question. Today OP commented - "you realy helpt me" - and then deleted the post. The question has zero score and 1 answer (mine) also with zero score and not accepted. ...
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Should the goal of Stack Overflow be defined and expressed more clearly? [duplicate]

tldr; People get misunderstood a lot on here, existing users trying to help, and new users with the overall goals of the site. New users need redirected instead of boiler plates, other sites exist for ...
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How can I improve this question's reception? (Part II)

I asked this question, which resulted in a few downvotes: How to convert Single to Binary? The downvotes came without any comments, so I was unable to discern how to improve the question. Thus I ...
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Is there an appropriate way to get someones else's "too broad" question off hold if I can provide a (not broad) answer without editing it? [duplicate]

Someone has asked a perfectly reasonable and appropriate question on SO but it has been put on hold for being too broad. It isn't too broad at all, and I could provide the answer if it wasn't on hold. ...
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What is wrong with this question about PowerShell and user impersonation?

How to Register-PSRepository for another user? This question is four (4) days old with no responses of any kind. Questions in this area are usually responded to quickly, within one (1) day. Is this a ...
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Revert bounty on an unanswerable question?

My title might be a little bit clickbait-y, since I probably already know the answer, but as I am not sure, I still want to ask my question. I've had a problem with Android Studio closing my open ...
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Is it appropriate to invite scrutiny of a highly up-voted, disputed answer?

This is an attempt to invite a canonical answer to the question in the title. Context: How to handle historical, highly upvoted but completely incorrect answers is a related, open-ended questions, ...
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Reopen closed questions? [duplicate]

Recently, I found this post, which is very similar to an issue I'm working on. Unfortunately, the information in that post wasn't enough to resolve my issue. My reputation isn't high enough to add ...
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Why do I get downvotes on this question? [duplicate]

I don't care whether I am upvoted or downvoted as long as it is justified. But now I'm annoyed because a question was downvoted. Perhaps because a question is "too stupid" for someone or it ...
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Why could this question have been downvoted? [closed]

Composer called via doApplication mingles stdout and stderr Why could this question be downvoted? Is it badly put? Could it be improved? If not, could the downvotes be cancelled? I usually just delete ...
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How to ask a question that is close to a duplicate avoiding "closed as a duplicate"

How do I ask a question that is close to a duplicate avoiding "closed as a duplicate", including the usual downvotes? Current example: Check your module classpath for missing or conflicting ...
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What should I do if it seems like a user is deliberately retaliating?

I recently asked a question, mentioning (in the very first version of the question) why a particular technique wasn't suitable. A user marked the question as a duplicate of another, which stated to ...
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