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How often does the correct answer end up downvoted on Stack Overflow?

I posted a question about something I was struggling to find an answer to. Later on, I eventually found the answer and proceeded to post the answer underneath my question. How to make golang ...
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Marked as Answered however people keep down-voting my answer [duplicate]

As you can see here, recently someone asked a vague question which I tried to answer as best I could. Clearly it helped the OP as he marked it answered, however I am getting down-votes on this answer. ...
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Add Feature to Report an Answer as "Provably Incorrect"

There is one thing that drives me absolutely crazy on this site more than any other: answers to algorithm questions that are provably incorrect. Many times, these answers actually have up-votes, ...
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Was this question about pngquant alternatives and image optimization in PHP correctly closed?

I posted this question about a PHP alternative to pngquant I used to use pngquant to optimize images uploaded to our website, works fantastic. But our new server has shell_execute and similar ...
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I want to remove "only can send one post on half past a hour" limit

I want to remove "only can send one post on half past a hour" limit. Because I want to answer a lot of questions, this restriction has seriously limited the opportunity to help others solve ...
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Question was closed even after editing and resolving all issues

Two days ago I asked a question on Stack Overflow, which, admittedly, was lacking in clarity and details, and the code example I included wasn't functional, so it was downvoted and voted to be closed. ...
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Apparently awful question — how do I improve it?

I asked this question, which has received 6 down-votes so far, and (frustratingly), nothing indicating what might be wrong with it as a question. Six downvotes is more than just one guy having a bad ...
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My answer is right but I took a vote down by moderator

This is the question Now. Not to be ridiculous, also because, probably, do not know fully the rules. Could it be two points down in my small reputation that change my day. This I also need to ...
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How can I improve this question I have at hand?

So I have this question which I have tried to improve so many times, that it feels like I am holding a monologue at this point. I also mentioned this question here. But everything I ever got, apart ...
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Is it offensive/rude to vent about or insult a product or library?

A question in a tag that I follow had some "color commentary". Excerpts from this revision for context (please be wary of the meta effect before voting or intervening too harshly): Title: &...
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Can someone downvote me over a reason they are wrong on, and the downvote stands?

I asked a question here and it was downvoted for lack of command line but I used a plugin for eclipse and never used command line as implied by my tags but the downvote stands.
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Can someone help me understand how to improve this post?

This post was deleted. I still think it is a useful question and a useful answer. Some respondents were confused by ...
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Should questions be edited with meta information to direct future readers?

In this answer to a recent meta question, the suggestion was made to edit in clarification to a question in order to draw readers attention to a non-accepted answer which, while it doesn't address the ...
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Course of action after multiple fruitless comments [duplicate]

I've requested concrete details (with a guide to obtain them) but the new SO user repeatedly responds with everything except what was asked of them. It's starting to feel like a waste of time having ...
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Abnormal activity on one of my questions

I want to report a past abnormal activity. In this question: Why does subclassing in Python slow things down so much? with also many downvotes (4). I say "abnormal activity", but I think the ...
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