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A user is making death threats

Got an account making death threats, they have had one post closed already but the latest one is still hanging around. I would have thought one death threat would be enough to ban them, anyone with a ...
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How can I improve this question? Better tagging, perhaps?

I asked a well-formed and clear question (in my opinion, that is), but the community thought -3, and I got confused. I get that there's some cranky folks out there so -1 is nothing to nag about, but ...
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Why have I been downvoted for asking a genuine question, which I couldn't find answer for anywhere else? [duplicate]

I asked this question yesterday - Create SQL row from one variable in C#. In my opinion it was a genuine, beforehand researched, well formatted and grammatically correct question. When I opened it ...
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What practical and reasonable options does the community have in order to avoid (if desired) the so called 'meta effect'?

I recently searched here on meta for possibilities to avoid the meta effect and couldn't find any articles that would address/contain reasonable proposals. So here's, or rather are my question(s): ...
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Why are questions on Meta about improving questions on the main site, themselves usually poorly received?

I have noticed a common pattern: Someone's question(s) on the main site is/are not well received That person comes to Meta to ask about how to improve the question(s), perhaps due to seeing a ...
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Is this question closeworthy? [duplicate]

So I came across this question today and was suprised to see it with three upvotes and two upvoted answers. Initially I edited the question because it was confusing the IDE (Visual Studio) for the ...
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Why was this answer down-voted? [closed]

Down-voted answer It's a genuine answer from a newbie trying to help. Surely that shouldn't get a minus score? How else will ai learn?
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Do we give insufficient feedback to users of closed questions?

This is about this question of mine: How to implement common bash idioms in Python?. It is probably a bit of a rant but I wanted to post it anyway in the hope that it might cause discussion. My main ...
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How could I have written this question to avoid the immediate downvote and close vote?

Within minutes of posting my question it was downvoted and a vote was cast to close the question. The downvoter has left no feedback to explain their actions so I'm asking here what I could do to ...
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Why was this question put on hold, and how would I disagree? [duplicate]

This question may not be for everyone, but it received two answers which should have helped the OP. But then, six hours later, it was put on hold. I just don't see what this accomplishes -- it seems ...
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Is it good that they closed a question with more upvotes than downvotes, and 3 "favourite question" marks? [duplicate]

My question received 3 "favourite question" marks for the first 3 hours after it was published. On the other hand, Stack Overflow is flooded with questions like: "below is my code, why doesn't it ...
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Someone continuously down-voting my questions

On March 13 I wrote this answer on a question and @2dee commented on my answer and was asking for proof of what I have said in my answer, but at that moment I couldn't find the proof so I told them ...
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More reputations for question and answer edits

I think you'd agree that to keep the high-standard this site has, editors, are also a part who are significant contributors. Editing is hard, usually for non-Native English speakers like me, though I ...
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How to complain about an abusive moderator? Maybe leaving the site and erasing all your answers [duplicate]

This moderator had simply deleted my post because it was identical to another answer I gave. Here it is his comments: Please don't post duplicate answers, particularly ones that are little more than ...
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Is general technically correct advice a good answer?

This is the question: Java - Check if a string only contains symbols What's a good method for checking if a string only contains symbols. i.e. if one of my properties only contains a "%" or "--...
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