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Why was the question about revenge downvote deleted by a moderator?

There was a question about a specific instance of commenting and revenge downvotes (screenshot) that was up for more than a day and generated some interesting answers and discussion. If it violated ...
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Why was this not-an-answer flag declined?

I flagged this answer as not an answer: Visit this link will help you as a beginner. Result: "declined - a moderator ...
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My custom flag to delete an answer that only provides redundant insights was declined

I flagged for a moderator to delete this post with the following custom message: This is the correct answer to a different question. This question is pertaining to php not js. This answer should be ...
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What to do with close/open 'wars'?

This question: has recently seen a flood of close/reopen/undelete etc votes (it was posted in a blog post and ...
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Should posts that are actively being discussed on Meta be temporarily exempt from deletion?

When a question on the Main site is brought up for discussion on Meta, I add the following comment on the Main question This question is being discussed on Meta. (the link is to the actual question ...
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Should I flag one of the 2 answers of this question as plagiarism?

I came across this question and 2 answers to the question in one of my review queues. Notice that they ...
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Downvotes and false accusations of using ChatGPT: how do I handle it?

I am a new contributor who joined yesterday. I have answered some questions, but some people accused me of using ChatGPT when answering questions. I take the time to read the documentation and I give ...
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Clean up "looking for [something]" questions

As of right now, there are 6246 open questions that contain the phrase "looking for" in their title. Some of them include: Looking for OCaml IDE
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When is it appropriate to unleash the meta effect?

I wanted to answer a question, but before I could, the OP deleted it. They had posted an answer themselves first, and then deleted the question. But the answer wasn't any good and I knew a better one. ...
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Flagging a post as a duplicate should cost reputation points

As of now one of the ways to perform a point-free aggressive action against a poster is to flag the post as a duplicate leaving one more avenue that opens the system to abuse. There should be a speed-...
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Is a question asking for good ways to do something really opinion-based?

After several questions were deservedly closed when the poster couldn't act within the normal community guidelines, I asked a question which I thought should be better-received and which addressed ...
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This question was perhaps erroneously deleted by a ♦ moderator

This question was deleted by a ♦ mod as "off-topic" on the 18th of February: jwt: 'module' object has no attribute 'encode' Having encountered this exact issue today I found both ...
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Why is a post with six recommended deletion votes still not deleted? [duplicate]

I see that this post review has six recommend deletion votes. I thought it would be deleted by now. Is there a reason it is not deleted? The review screen shot in case the post gets deleted:
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Is a question about why a question is downvoted legitimate in meta?

Can one ever legitimately ask why a question is downvoted/put on hold/closed here? I've tried to ignore the occasional downvotes and question closures I get (not very many, thankfully), but it's been ...
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How could I have made this a better question?

I am clearly still struggling to learn the art of asking a really good question. I asked what I thought was a very good question. One where I am going to try something but I am unclear what would be ...
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