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Receive only 5 reputation when answer is upvoted [duplicate]

Actually it's not me but some other guy's SO account: Here is the reputation change for the events from the post. and here is the post: ...
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Reputation got stuck on 990? [duplicate]

I am regular user of SO site, My StackOverflow Profile... very much interested in answering questions regarding my knowledge area. I noticed that, I've reached 990 reputation today. Some users have ...
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Not getting reputation for upvote in case of answer is accepted [duplicate]

I just noticed that I am not getting any reputation for few of the answers. And my guess is the answers which got recently accepted on Stack Overflow, upvote reputation is missing for those. ...
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Recently I had two upvotes but none of them getting added in my points [duplicate]

Just now one incident happened with, I was answering question on SO. So my two answer got upvoted but none of them are showing points in Reputation tab. Only it showing upvote there You can see 2nd &...
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I have 3 up votes on my answer but the total shows as 22 why? [duplicate]

I just answered some question and got 3 upvotes on it. It should sum up to 30 but why is it 22?
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Does the daily reputation limit discourage users from asking or answering? [duplicate]

I know why the daily reputation limit exists and I think it should keep that way. But I think that maybe, some users that get 200 reputation a day because they have tons of answers and questions that ...
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How to create links to tags on meta?

I was reading a meta post and came across the tag: daily-reputation-limit. It links to an empty Stack Overflow page. I wanted to edit the post so that the it links to the right place, however I ...
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Changing the daily rep limit to carry forwarded lost rep

I have reached this limit and realized that after this limit there is no incentive to keep posting as there is no reputation gain. Having understood that the limit is there to prevent new users like ...
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Why did this user not get that much reputation?

Just now, I stroll Stack Overflow, and find a user who has a high reputation, but I find a strange thing. You see, the answer's reputation is more that his total reputation, but why does he not have ...
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Do the reasons that the daily rep cap was imposed actually apply to high-rep users?

Closely related (but not identical): Why is there a daily reputation limit of 200 points? Also related (but also not identical): Revisiting the rep cap (yes, again) The two posts I link to explain ...
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Why don't I get notified of an upvote or downvote on Meta? [duplicate]

Why don't I get notified of an upvote or downvote on my posts on Meta, like what happens on the main site?
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