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Be careful when recommending Code Review to askers

Code Review is becoming well-known on Stack Overflow. The folks over on Code Review are happy about that. The only problem is that there are a lot of questions redirected to CR which don't belong ...
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Why were comments suggesting a move to Code Review removed?

The question: PHP: Optimize If Statement To me this looks like a clear cut case for migration to Code Review. It's code that works, and the question is "Is there a better way of writing the following ...
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The asker is directed to another Stack Exchange site, even though it would be off topic there

Just came across this question, he was asking about something specific to a specific android app. I told the OP (in a comment) that the question would be better placed on Android Enthusiasts & I ...
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Are code review questions off-topic?

According to The help Section page What topics can I ask about here? these subjects are on-topic: a specific programming problem, or a software algorithm, or software tools commonly used ...
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Should "Are there any bugs in this code?" be migrated to Code Review?

I came across once-only lisp macro, yet another implementation today, in which the OP is following up on a previous question whereby OP had improved some code, presumably fixing it. I tried ...
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Code-Changes behind Links. What exactly to do?

Usually I am not here that much, but more on CodeReview. There yesterday a question showed up, that is now deleted: Can any one help me to review the code and help me to fix the issue I am facing ? ...
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Why do different users get different migration flag suggestions? [duplicate]

I stumbled upon this question: I felt like this should go to user interface/experience https://ux....
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Moving questions to new websites [duplicate]

Should questions about software testing and quality assurance frameworks (like selenium) be moved to ? A new website has been created in the network that is responsible for ...
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What is the correct behaviour when I see a question that would be more appropriate for another site [duplicate]

What should I do whenever I see a question that would be more appropriate for another site? I have usually left a comment that this would be more appropriate for site X, but I received a comment "@...
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OK to comment pointing people to [duplicate]

The title says it really, but I'll elaborate a bit: There are a fair number of posts on SO (and also on SU) on emacs which appear to be more about using or configuring emacs than programming it. ...
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Can we drop TeX as a migration recommendation option in favor of Code Review or Software Engineering SE? [duplicate]

I may be missing something but I've seen plenty of posts that would be better fits for Code Review SE or Software Engineering SE, but I can't remember the last time I've seen a post about LaTeX. It ...
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Encourage moving questions to other SE sites [duplicate]

I've just seen this question: It's clearly out of topic for StackOverflow, but still I can't see any ...
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In the automated closing message, should it mention the existence of alternative SE sites when a question is closed for seeking recommendations?

Disclaimer: This question is not about what is the appropriate response to take as an individual when a question is seeking recommendations or is off-topic like this question. It's a question about ...
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