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Banning 'problem' in questions creates false positives on named concepts [duplicate]

The "diamond problem" refers to a particular concept in languages like C++ that support multiple inheritance. This isn't the case of someone using lazy terminology in describing their question - in ...
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How should I ask about the "thundering herd problem"? [duplicate]

Stackoverflow won't let me post a question about the thundering herd problem (also here) because the word problem is not allowed in post titles. What's the recommended solution?
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Should the word "problem" always be blocked from titles?

I'm trying to write a question on Python to be posted on Stack Overflow, and I want to include the phrase "Pythagorean 3-Body Problem" in the title, but it's fighting me on it. I can understand ...
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Burninate [stacking]

The stacking tag looks like another good candidate for immolation: No wiki entry 89 questions, featuring a wildly eclectic mixture of web design, array manipulation, SQL, plotting etc. No followers ...
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Why can't questions with links to sites like plunkr be edited without the restriction that they must be accompanied by code

I'm trying to edit this question but I can't because of the restriction that posts containing links to plunkr must be accompanied by code. Apparently the question got asked before this restriction ...
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Which restrictions exist for question titles?

I tried to edit a question title and wanted to insert the word "Problem", but could not submit the edit because this word is apparently not allowed in question titles (see example below; ...
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How to effectively ban "is it possible"/"is there a way"?

Can we get some form of a warning/low post flag posts with "is it possible"/"is there a way" in the body or title? 99% of the time it is something that is possible, but the question is generally too ...
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Bug with words not allowed in titles?

I edited the question Question about specific lines in a .DPROJ file and when clicking 'Save' I got the error that the word Question was not allowed in the title (it's now gone of course). How did it ...
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Can we please remove the "Title cannot contain" restriction for users with full edit privileges?

I tried to edit this question today to remove some of the unneeded fluff at the end. However, I was restricted because of the title's content, and got this message: This is frustrating when I try ...
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I thought we blocked the words "need help" from titles?

I just ran into this creature : what bugs me is that I was pretty sure Meta had decided to block the phrase "need help" from posts. Doesn't this just make you cringe though ? reading sounds terrible ...
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