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No +2 reputation for edit after 2K reputation [duplicate]

Recently, I got 2K reputations and I noticed I can review edits. Another thing, I noticed is that, I was not getting +2 reputations for each successful(approved) edits in SO posts. I made an edit to ...
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Reputation by editing from "Help and Improvement" review queue [duplicate]

I just reached 2,000 reputation, and have unlocked "Help and Improvement". I edited some questions and I have the impression that these edits do not work as usual: no reputation is gained. I read ...
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Why are the point incentives removed for review or edit after receiving 'X' points [duplicate]

Suggestion: To continue awarding points for review and edit tasks. After certain levels of points you no longer receive points for completing task, such as edit and reviews. Where is the incentive to ...
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Editing posts privileges [duplicate]

I am now over 2000 reputation points on SO. When I edited a question, it was accepted automatically, but I didn't get the points and that was not explained. I was wondering what is the reason for not ...
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The editing reputation limit?

The help center seems to suggest there is a limit on reputation earned from accepted suggested edits: suggested edit is accepted: +2 (up to +1000 total per user) Do you simply stop gaining ...
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Suggested edits take way too long to be reviewed due to a 2017 change to the top bar. Let's revert it

Prior to 2017, the top bar used to show a count of pending suggested edits to 2k+ users. Then, the top bar was completely redesigned to remove any numbers related to reviewing, and instead only show ...
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What happens to existing suggested edits when you roll past 2000 reputation?

I have some suggested edits, but I’m less than 100 from 2000 reputation. What happens to my suggested edits that are already waiting for review if/when I cross the mark? Nothing and they still need to ...
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Wiki edits still gives +2 rep

A long time ago I stopped getting rep for editing posts. But a few days ago I've edited a tag wiki and still got 2x+2 (title and content I assume). Should the editing of posts and wikis be handled ...
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Is 2k reputations a good indicator to gain Editing Privilege?

This thread Why don't you continue to gain 2 rep for edits once you've reached 2k rep? explains everything about the 2k reps and editing privilege. The top answer says that By the time you ...
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Gaining reputation for edits past your 1k cap

As per How does "Reputation" work?, you get +2 reputation per suggested edit that gets approved, to a cap of 1000 reputation gained. I long since reached the cap, and was surprised to see ...
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2k rep not reached, but no +2 rep for edits [closed]

This question and answers there say that there's no +2 rep after 2k rep. However, I'm not over 2k yet (1920 atm). Why don't I get rep then? Is the limit really 2k? My edits still need to be peer-...
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