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Chat with close voters about question closure

Read through the following scenario to see why I think being able to chat with the reviewing users of an issue is crucial: Scenario A question I posted recently (this one) was closed for needing to be ...
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Is it possible to ask general 'how to' questions?

Is it possible to ask general 'how to' questions? I think 'how to questions' are helpful for everyone. Yet I think they tend to get bad feedback in 2021. In particular, is the moderating bot stepping ...
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I asked a question on how to get started on a specific development effort, but it was closed immediately [duplicate]

I've posted a question, but almost immediately it was closed as "This question does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines. It is not currently accepting answers." What if I'm very new to the ...
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Curious about a failed audit

I just failed a review audit on this question. It was closed for "lack of focus", but it didn't look that bad to me.1 Is this just a difference of opinion or did I miss some significant ...
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Breaking down "too broad"/"needs more focus" and trying to understand it [duplicate]

too broad1 There are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format. Please add details to narrow the answer set or to isolate an issue that can be answered in a ...
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I need answer to the question and seems a valid one, still its closed, How will I get answer from SO? [duplicate]

I asked the following question: What are custom events and synthetic events? I don't mind if its downvoted or else, but at least an answer should be given. This is a confusing topic, and if I get ...
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Questions are more likely to get killed than improved

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ask legitimate programming questions on Stack Overflow. I've seen: Users downvote questions into oblivion before OP can act on their comments. By the time a ...
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Is a question that asks how to do something which would require a tutorial in an answer too broad or off topic?

If someone asks a question that could only be answered with a tutorial, should the flag reason be because the question is "too broad", i.e. it has many possible answers which could be rather long; or ...
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Is this question too broad ("general", "best practices") or on-topic for SO? [duplicate]

Another user and I disagree about whether this question is too broad. The OP asks three questions about a voice dictation method in WatchKit, the SDK for Apple Watch: What languages are ...
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Reason for downvoting the question [duplicate]

I want to know the reason of downvoting the below question. I observed someone had downvoted the question twice. Can you say the reason.. so that I will take care while posting the question. My ...
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Are "advice" questions on topic for Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

When helping with the "looking for" questions, I noticed that more than a few of them were "looking for advice". There are currently only 158 of them, but there were plenty more before. I decided to ...
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How to help people who need a lot of knowledge to answer their question? [duplicate]

Before I come to my actual point, I'd like to say that I'm going to use the asker of this question as an example, and I'll say some negative things about his technical knowledge. I don't do this to ...