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Are we being "elitist"? Is there something wrong with that?

Recently I see more complaints of "elitism" bubbling up. Sometimes expressly called so, sometimes expressing the same thing in many more words. Mostly from new(-ish) users whose question has just been ...
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Can we make this meta site work for mentoring?

In July 2014 Shog9 proposed Stack Overflow Academy on Area 51. I was skeptical and thought it was sort of a joke. The idea that anyone would go to yet another Q&A site in order to ask a question ...
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Stop mob-downvoting users on the main site for their actions there and their opinions on Meta

I've seen a few users on Meta recently who appear to be getting lynch-mobbed on the site after either posting an unpopular opinion here, or being the subject of a post because of their actions. ...
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Why aren't moderation tools given to people with a history of good moderation?

So I've been thinking about the rep/privilege system on SO/SE, and the one thing that sticks out to me the most about the way the site works is the fact that moderation tools are awarded solely based ...
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Meta-meta: why is meta full of close-warriors?

Every time I see meta questions coming up in the Community Bulletin link on the side of SO, nearly all the questions are "close-warrior" topics (i.e. aimed at removal of content deemed bad to the ...
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May we have some "canned comments"?

On Stack Overflow, certain comments get repeated a lot. Just off the top of my head: 1. Do you have any more code to show? This post lacks enough detail. 2. Welcome to Stack Overflow! This ...
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Are we abusing our delete votes on Meta?

Someone posted this rant earlier today: Stack Overflow encourages people not to think So many rules that may work for 90% of the time, but there will always be edge cases where they fail. ...
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Provide a setting to hide "Featured on Meta" posts in the Community Bulletin

Please provide an option to hide just Meta posts in the Community Bulletin from me. I still want to see Stack Overflow Blog posts though, because I want to stay up-to-date on new features and stuff. ...
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How often should we read Meta?

I only look at meta.* once every couple of months. And then I see questions, answers and comments referencing "decisions" that were apparently made or changed weeks ago. I put that in quotes because I ...
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Can we unlock an offtopic question, that doesn't seem to provide historical value, so we can vote on deleting it?

Best tools for creating website wireframes It is: Asking for a tool request POB (Primarily Opinion Based) Doesn't seem offer any historical significance It's asking about wireframe tools from 9 ...
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You are not going to believe the top 10 things the they did next! [closed]

This is what kind of represents the entire reason that 99% of all new questions every day in popular tags like [Java] and [JavaScript] are complete and utter noise at best and vandalism as worst. ...
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How can I appeal unfairly closed questions?

How can I appeal unfairly closed questions? I noticed that difficult and annoying* questions often get closed, not because they are unclear or lack details, but because the voter finds it difficult to ...
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Yet another offensive email from another new user on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

So, I previously had asked a similar question regarding a harassing and offensive email I received from an S.O. user who didn't like to have high-quality posts! S.O. team was very helpful and they ...
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